Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mohammed's Descendants Being Sued!

For real!

Pamela Geller writes...
Back in March I reported on a new front that opened in the Islamic litigation jihad on the vastly superior West. A Saudi Arabian law firm launched a  mega Muslim lawfare attack against the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten for the cartoons of Muhammad. The Saudi firm claims to represent 94,000 of Muhammad’s descendants.

In a major counter offensive, Hans Erling Jensen, Eticha (HEJ), has counter sued -- "now we know where to send our claims for all the threats, the bullying and violent acts that have come out of the Quran and hadith the last many centuries!” The Quran violates Danish law, specifically the well known 'hate speech' article 266b. Turning lawfare against jihad. I love it!

The lawsuit demands that the verses, suras, Islamic texts and teachings that prescribe, command, demand jihad be changed or expunged from Islam. The suit is to claim that Muhammad is responsible for a centuries-old persecution of women by asserting that they are worth less than men in intelligence, in matters of inheritance economy and parentage.
In other words, it's a lawsuit that demands that Muslims stop being hateful and violent in the name of Islam and Allah!

I call it The Legal Crusade.

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