Friday, April 23, 2010

Obama Plotting To IMPOSE On Israel?

 No, this isn't prejudiced.  Obama has earned this graphical protest.
The effect of his hateful actions towards Israel makes it appropriate. 
Deal with it, ignorant, no-time-to-self-enlighten Obama worshippers.

Oh, I'm sure he's got such a plot in the works.  Impose on the Jews.  Of course.  Everybody's always imposing on the Jews, after all, so as a me-too "progressive", he'll do the popular, "progressive", "sophisticated", "intelligent", fit-in-with-the-politically-correct thing, right?

I'd rather see him impose on "PALESTINE"!  After all, it's the Hamas-PLO ("Fatah") "Authority" who is intransigent and refuses to deal, consistently demonstrating zero interest in "peace", and, in fact, have it written in their constitution that their raison d'etre is to destroy Israel (it says nothing about "peace" with Israel).  They were made, by Israel, an offer they couldn't refuse, like, 99% of what they wanted, and they refused anyway, and started a war against Israel, using brainwashed human beings, including children, as bombs.  And Israel got blamed.  WTF!!!
In the intervening decade, matters have become worse. A "two-state" solution seems impossible, simply because it would have to be three states to account for Hamas' control over Gaza. Some recent media accounts have reported that Hamas would accept Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas negotiating on its behalf. Perhaps, but a four-day blood-soaked coup in Gaza three years ago suggests otherwise.

Hamas is far from the only stumbling block, however. Palestinian society has become increasingly radicalized, not just by Hamas propaganda, but also because of the handiwork of Mr. Abbas' supposedly moderate Fatah. Mr. Obama would be well-advised to comb through the Web site of the invaluable Palestinian Media Watch, which has documented hundreds of examples of violent Islamic indoctrination from both Hamas and Fatah.

Simply put, ordinary Palestinians are not ready to accept peaceful coexistence with a Jewish state of Israel. Various polls over the years have shown clear majority support for rocket attacks and suicide bombings, and those who disagree publicly do so on strategic - not moral - grounds.

Is a society where no one speaks out against the depravity of brainwashing its children to become mass murderers ready to embrace peace?
I just don't trust that man, Barack Hussein Obama, himself born a Muslim and acting and speaking very (if rather nuanced) radical/supremacist-Muslimy while in office.  I know what kind of man he is, because I've been researching his actual past, noted his many violently-hateful extremist associations and have been closely watching his actual behavior and utterances... and am deeply appalled.  And regular readers have read my posts indicating, with proper linkage to hard evidence, the inconvenient truth about him which we're not supposed to know.

Note to the ignorant ("no time to enlighten themselves and go over the heads of the cover-up-obsessed Big Newsmedia"):  It is NOT "prejudice", nor "hatred", nor "racism", nor "Islamophobia".  It is a conclusion based on the content of the man's character, as demonstrated by his past and current actions.

It's very bad to have an extremist like that in the White House.  Very bad.  They said Bush was bad, but Obama really takes the American-Israeli cake... and redistributes it... to the Islamic World.  Besides, he's getting away with waging the same wars (plus bombing Pakistan, his own war 100%) as Bush was and was getting crucified for.  Something's wrong with this double standard, very clearly.

Nothing good is going to come of Obama's dictatorship.  He's not interested in doing good, just in telling us that what he's doing or planning to do is somehow "good".

Obama doesn't know what he's doing.  He doesn't understand the reality of the situation over there... at all.  Then again, he's just a puppet, saying and doing what the Men Behind the Curtain, including admitted and unrepentant Nazi-Holocaust collaborator George Soros, instruct him to.  Obama really doesn't care.  He just likes the money, the illusion of being a powerful man, the artificial popularity... as long as he gets all that, he'll do and say whatever they (not the People, but rather his secretive, shadowy Puppetmasters) tell him.

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