Friday, April 30, 2010

Political/Media Double Standard: Propaganda Re Illegals Vs Tea Parties

We've been hearing from the Obamacrats, the Far Left in general and the Far-Leftist Big Media about how scary and violent they supposedly believe the Tea Party folks are.  We also see no evidence at all that their phobias with respect to these millions of American patriots are warranted.

On the other hand, although the state apparatus is preparing for the worst regarding the upcoming illegal-alien protests in response to Arizona's crackdown on illegal aliens within the state, we're not hearing the same kind of prejudicial language being hurled against the illegal aliens and their radical-left-wing supporters.

Interesting.  Why the double standard?  Why fearmonger against the Tea Party and call them violent, but not the illegal aliens?

We'll see just how peaceful the illegal alien protest goes in L.A.

No predictions.  Just sayin' we'll see, with this one, and with the ones sure to follow.  The Far Left, after all, does have a history of using violence and intimidation to get what it wants.  The regular American folks, ie. the Tea Party, has been perfectly non-violent and non-intimidating, despite the Far Left's and the state apparatus's desperately intensifying attempts to provoke whatever they hope to provoke.

Also, it's interesting to note that the Big Media, when talking about the Tea Parties, tends to focus on the Tea Party, rather than its actual message which focusses on the behavior of the Obama-Democratic Party regime's behavior... but, on the other hand, when the subject is the illegal-alien protestors, the Big Media is bashing Arizona, rather than trying to paint the illegal aliens as crazy, teabagger, hateful, racist, violent, etc., etc...  Hmmm!

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