Monday, April 12, 2010

Good News

Canadian economy continues robust recovery, more jobs created

Private-sector, goods-producing sector up, public sector down.  This is the opposite of what's happening down south in National Socialist Obamademocratistan.
"The contribution from the private sector confirms that the Canadian recovery is well entrenched," said Yanick Desnoyers, assistant chief economist at National Bank Financial. "Furthermore, the goods-producing sector, the hardest hit in the recession, is starting to contribute to job creation. We expect manufacturing and transportation to benefit significantly from the strong inventory rebuilding cycle that is unfolding."

So far so good.  Canada IS moving in the right direction, is on the right track.

Of course, it shouldn't be surprising, considering the foregoing...
The Conservative government has weathered several controversies -- such as its decision to prorogue Parliament -- and remains firmly ahead of the opposition in terms of voter support, a new poll by Ipsos Reid suggests.

The Tories have secured a 10-point lead over the Liberal party, says the poll, which was conducted on behalf of Canwest News Service and Global National.

I guess that obsessively, overzealously, unhingedly waging "progressive" jihad against a mere junior cabmin, Helena Guergis, instead of attacking anything of substance that matters to Canadians, isn't working as a strategy for the Liberals.  Perhaps they should take another look at Peter Donolo and ask whether he knows what he's doing any more than did Warren Kinsella.  Oh, and take a look at "leader" Michael Ignatieff, too.  Is he really into it?  Perhaps he's getting frustrated and regrets his little brainfart of accepting the appointment to the captaincy of the sinking Liberal ship?


Jen said...

This is not 'good news' for the 'dark red' media they are hoping that canadians suffer greatly so that the red media favourite corrupt LPOC can take over. Take over, so that they (LPOC) can steal from us and lie that it was someone's else's fault for the 'down turn' economy. A trick played by them for thirteen years strangely enough, the economy was robust at the time back then, yet they raised taxes hoping that we would cover up their corruption by us repaying our money which they took from us in the first place.

I can't understand why let's say 'CANWEST NEWS and or Global National can be more like FOX with conservatives pundits to battle those of CBC liberal pundits. They would make millions of dollars and ratings will fly of the roof.
The 'GIFT' is there for the taking, yet, for some reason the media 'IS' afraid to do so.

Canuckguy said...

Sentinel, you should not knee jerk defend Guergis, there is dirt on her, after all Harper called the Mounties in. She stinks as does her idiot husband of corruption. No matter the what stripe the politician, corrupt politicians should be condemned, not supported automatically just because she is a representative of the same party you currently support.

There are only hearsay at the moment but where there is a smell, there is a rotting carcass. I predict she will be proven a disgrace to her party.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'm afraid you misinterpreted me, Canuckguy. I mean, going after Guergis isn't going to help the Liberals at all. Too small potato and easily and quickly forgotten.

Besides, the Liberals are far shadier a bunch....

Canuckguy said...

We shall see, Sentinel. The latest tibit out is that Harper had ignored the very real and big problem of Guergis's unethical and possible corrupt behaviour. That could be the real story about to burst forth.