Saturday, April 10, 2010

MSNBC Bimbo Eruption Draws Co-Worker Derision

 MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell.
Hey, if it's ok for the Left and Big Media to say horrible stuff about Sarah Palin, then surely it's ok to call a dumb-ass like O'Donnell a "bimbo".  
Fair's fair... they mock Palin for saying something dumb, we'll mock O'Donnell if she says dumb stuff...
Hey, y'know... Obama says dumb stuff a lot, too, so why doesn't he get mocked by the Big Media as much as his counterpart Palin gets mocked by same?

How the hell is referring to Obama's playing some sports "racist"?

Isn't that stupid to think?  One could allude to Bush's playing sports.  Who's going to say that's "racist"?  Hoo-boy!  What, does the new "N-word" assume the form of saying, "Y'know, so-and-so plays this sport..."???  Sheesh!

Even the Lefty MSNBCer colleagues of the bimbo pretty much laughed at her, along with Pat Buchanan.

Incredibly, the MSNBCers even made fun of Obama's incompetence with sports, such as his pitching a baseball in a dainty manner...  I guess that even the Left is getting so tired of Obama's incompetence as President that they'll mock his poor athletic prowess in lieu of and symbolic of that which is forbidden (obviously because the Left says it'd be "racist" to do so): Mocking his policies, agenda and pisspoor performance as President and Commander in Chief.

Funny how the bimbo's name is O'Donnell.  Hmm.  Any relation to fellow far-left bimbo Rosie?  Hmm.  Looking at the picture, I'd say, maybe if she cut her hair, dyed it black, gained 100 pounds and practiced scowling and wrinkling her nose a lot... yep, I could see the resemblance...

Moi?  Being sexist?  Well, what about how the Left and Big Media treat Sarah Palin?  Hmm?

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