Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Verhoeven The Bully-Hypocrite

Film geekazoid Paul Verhoeven and one of the figments of his imagination.

Filmmaker Paul Verhoeven isn't just a non-believer vis-a-vis Jesus.

He's also attempting to arrogantly, dogmatically re-write the life of Jesus.

As if he, himself, somehow knows the Truth.


I'd like to see this big pussy Verhoeven dare to re-write the life of Mohammed.  I'd double dare him.

Of course, then, before he'd do THAT, he'd be well-advised to seek the recommendations of Salman Rushdie as to how to avoid having his head chopped off by an enraged Islamic jihadi.

Ah.  Just another Hollyweird asshole looking to make a few bucks by attacking Jesus while submitting to Islam's prohibition on saying anything "offensive" about Islam.

And they call people "birthers" just because they rightly, correctly ask to see Obama's real birth certificate as proof that he was born on American soil and therefore is legally, Constitutionally eligible for the office he currently holds?

Well, I'd say that Mr. Verhoeven's a helluva "birther"!

Speaking of that...  Yep... again, the Hollyweirdoes submit to Islam...
Pacino was filming scenes for Son Of No One with his co-stars Ray Liotta and Channing Tatum in Queens, when worshippers from a nearby mosque came together to complain about a sign mentioning the religious text, which had been posted in public view.


A source tells the publication, "Pacino, Ray Liotta and Channing Tatum were all on set. There was a small protest from people from the mosque across the street about the sign, but the crew were respectful and agreed to take it down."

Wonder of Mr. Verhoeven would be THAT respectful if a group of Christians were to protest his plan to blaspheme Jesus?

Hmm.  Leftists fear Muslim anger but never Christian anger.  Could it be that, as world-renowned Islam expert Robert Spencer makes the case in a bestselling book, Christianity is the religion of peace whereas Islam, contrary to politically correct propaganda, isn't?

Bullies like Paul Verhoeven attack the peaceful and non-violent, but back off when faced by those they know are far, far, far more likely to have members amongst their group who will hit back hard.  There doesn't even have to be a Fatwa issuance.

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