Monday, April 26, 2010

Obama Excludes Millions Based On Identifiable-Group Status

He's writing off millions of Americans because they're not the right race and sex as far as he's concerned.

That's racist and sexist.  That's discriminatory.  That's exclusion.

If a Republican had made a speech in which s/he had directly mentioned only a narrow range of identifiable groups to whom s/he was reaching out for "being in this together", you just know that they'd be called those things, too, and much worse.

But Obama will get away with it because "progressives" and the Big Media let their fellow progs get away with the most reprehensible things, as we well know.

The only consequences for Obama will come from Mainstream Americana come November this year and November 2012... if he dares to try to go for a second term (but that might be impossible, as I believe then he'll have to show us his REAL birth certificate, because he won't get away with playing Americans for fools a second time!).  Of course, the New News Media, doing the job the Big Media long ago stopped doing, will deliver consequences via negative coverage and commentary, fair and square, citing Obama's own words of exclusiveness and discrimination.

Mainstream Americana believes in inclusion, tolerance, equality, fairness, liberty, democracy, the rule of law and the Constitution.  Obama doesn't.  Nor do the Democrats.


Watcher said...

Isn't that an interesting political strategy ... demonize voters, call them every name in the book then ask for their support.

Canadian Sentinel said...

At least he's more subtle than the Liberals up here, who openly bash the West as well as write the region off, in favor of the East.

'Course, there's no mistaking his bigotry.

Jen said...

The 'CULTURE OF WAR' in canada has been going on for years not that it is officially in the open, the LBC(CBC)LTV(CTV) will continue to enforce the 'culture of war' against the conservatives, the canadian public the troops and ALBERTA.

Tom Clark said on television that there are terrorists in canada.No kidding Tom, who do you think the terrorists are, stupid like you? By the way you fool these terrorists support the opposition parties. Boy, you must be proud of added votes. When are going to interview the terrorists.

Just to remind you Tom, you belong to them as well. Yep,