Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stakes Rise In Obama Eligibility Issue As Soldier Waits For Charges

But I wonder if there'll even be charges and a court martial, even though the soldier was advised it would happen "soon".  This is the big deal here, and why I'm declaring the "stakes" as being higher in the Obama Eligibility matter.

Story here.  The soldier was on G. Gordon Liddy's radio show today.

The reason I wonder whether there'll be any charges at all, any court-martial at all is due to this:
(...) the failings of many of the cases that have been brought – standing or the issue of political question – "do not come into play in any way in Lt. Col. Lakin's defense."


"Every criminal defendant has to be allowed the benefit of doubt to discover information relevant or which may even lead to the discovery of relevant information that could support his case," he said.

"It would shocking to me that a defendant in a dock would not be permitted to discover information that would lend itself to proving his [case]," he said.
This is getting hotter and hotter already.

Will the Obamacrats' cloak-and-dagger folks twist Pentagon arms so that there will be no charges, no court-martial, so as to avoid a court issuing an order to Mr. Obama to provide valid, admissible-in-court proof that he is eligible to the Office of the President and Commander-in-Chief?  Is Obama so desperate to keep his original, authentic, long-form birth certificate a secret that he'd see to it that the Pentagon never court-martials anyone who refuses deployment-to-war orders?

Ooooooo... this is serious.

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