Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Told You So!

Frightening, ominous, surreal story here.

What's going on?  Apparently Obama doesn't want the Big Media to cover THIS

Uh-oh... oh, no... can't let Americans know that leftists are protesting against Obama.  The optics are too damaging.  So what to do... 
Quick!  SS (Secret Service)!  Keep the Big Media away!

It's actually happening, as I warned...

Note the hats the SS (Secret Service) are wearing... next thing you know, they'll have a skull 'n' bones on 'em...

Obama lied.  Freedom of the Press died!

I wonder what happened to the uniformed protestors...  Could it be that the Big Media was banned from the Peoples' House, that Freedom of the Press was suspended, because we're not supposed to have seen what was going on with respect to the SS (Secret Service) and the protestors?

ht: Drudge Report


Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here...
Isn't it ironic?
The fabric is beginning to fray. Obama is on strange little jaunts away from security. Dead Fish Emanuel is on the Charlie Rose Show assuring that all is well with Israel. The Birthers are getting closer. The true racist nature of the democrat party is literally hanging out for all to see (for all that care to look anyway). The new financial package will be thinly veiled and poorly written. The resolutions on Iran will be week at best. The Goldman Sachs connection and investigation is getting warmer. And now he threatens the freedom of the press.
Now if I were NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS, AP, etc. and loosing the money that they are.... I would turn on this guy in a heartbeat.
He needs a bump. So, no doubt the sanctions against Iran will be announced with zeal. If the press picks it apart and is underwhelmed, then you know they've turned. It would be a smart move. The question is Soros (ptewy!). Does he have influence or control?
And if the press turns; who will shoulder the blame? Three guesses. Wake up sleepy heads.
∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, and note the evocative image/optics of the SS officer yelling orders whilst raising his arm...

The only thing out of place is the white shirt...

Anonymous said...

These guys, to the best of my knowledge, are park police. I offer this based on jurisdiction and the demeanor of the officer.

Here's something that will curl your nose hair.... I'll start with this...<<>>>>

And now go here.

In my opinion, these guys get paid WAAAAAAAAAAY too much to behave like a bunch of brown shirts. But I think he's Park based on demeanor, so... there it is.

∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

SS, Park Police, Brownshirts, gosh, it's all soooo complicated to a foreigner like me. Gee, America's soooo complicated...

I betcha the Park Copper in the video wishes he had jackboots to complete the ensemble. Perhaps a black leather trenchcoat. Perhaps a monocle just to look extra-scary...

Oh, and don't forget the riding crop...

Canadian Sentinel said...

...Well, well, well, what'd I tellya?

I went to the link you provided, ie. the officers' forum.

Guess what? I'm ALREADY banned from it! Guess they saw my post and don't like it...


Canadian Sentinel said...

Wait... how the hell'd they get my IP addy? That's a little disquieting... See what I'm talking about? The Obamacrat Reich is sooooo paranoid!

Anonymous said...

Wow. See it's weird. I don't know why the Park Police attract/portray that mentality. They just look bad, like this guy on the film. He can't answer questions because he doesn't know any answers. These are highly sought after positions but it seems sometimes that they only hire goons.

Somehow, I screwed up posting my comment anyway.

As for your block on the cop forum, that site covers US, DC, and Fed. cops. So that's a pretty wide range of folks, any of whom could be peeved. Or maybe the forum blocks bloggers to stop silly things like what I’m doing now.

So here are salaries for '08. There's usually a fair amount of O.T. available:
......here is the most up to date USPP Pay scale effective Jan. 2008 and includes a 4.49 COLA

For DC area only, more in NY and SF.

Hire $48,470
after 1 yr $51,388
after 2 yr $54,417
3 yr. $56,913
5 yr. $60,916
7 yr. $64,969
9 yr. $67,464
11 yr. $69,989
13 yr. $72,505
15 yr. $75,028
18 yr $79,409
22 yr. $82,301
26 yr. $84,740
30 yr. $87,283

This does not include 25% for any portion of Sunday that you work, 10% for Night differential after 18:00 Hrs. Any Court or other overtime.

Some officers like MPO, Traffic Safety, CIB, K-9, SWAT, HMP, MOTORS, Aviation and Marine are paid 6% above this for "technician" pay.

Detectives are paid about $10,000 more than the above numbers at each step, although after 18 years, it is more like 12-14K more per year.

Sergeants are also paid about 10K more a year, with top Sgt, making about 4K more than top Detective.

As with all federal positions we get yearly COLAS, some bigger, some not as big this past year was biggest in a while @ 4.49 %.

As I said NY and SF because they have a higher locality rate NY @ 26.36%
SF @ 32.53% they make more than DC officers where the locality pay is 20.89%...
That's one high priced goon.
∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

Huh. Sounds like "gainful" employment, if measured solely in terms of compensation.

A dream job. You get to wear a spiffy uniform and holler at people whilst raising your arm at 'em. And you get paid a crapload, with hefty annual raises, earning nearly twice as much after thirty years of personally oppressing the plebes.

Next thing you know, their unions will be demanding the issuance of knee-high, patent-leather jackboots...

Canadian Sentinel said...

I still don't understand how they got my IP addy. I've never, ever visited that particular site, ever, nor even heard of it.

There must be some kind of weird, paranoid, big-brother information-collection thing going on online in which they collect as much info as they can on anyone who criticizes the regime, anywhere in the world.

Of course, I've visited the Obama regime's public websites, referred via World Net Daily. Probably that caught their attention. How many people do they have doing this paranoid shit, and how much do they pay 'em? Whoo!

Perhaps I ought to consider surfing with a cloak...

Anonymous said...

It's an odd thing because the site is privately owned through Cygnus Business Media. It has links to all law enforcement.... and a ton in Canada (7 pages of Canadian cop links). Look at this page: and try the law enforcement .com link provided. Cygnus is more like a "big media" company. Here's a quote from the Cygnus site: "
Leading media sources like CNN, MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC, ABC, National Public Radio and more count on Cygnus Business Media’s industry experts to provide opinions and analysis on today’s big stories."
And they in turn provide all the social networking and marketing to law enforcement...who's site you're banned from. They publish a lot of trade magazines and do trade shows. I wonder how much Cygnus stuff is involved. Commerce Connect owns them.. and they both went into technical bankruptcy last year. (Technically they should be out of business … instead they get to screw their creditors and stay in business.) ∞ ≠ ø ☺
I'd use a cloak. That's part of the reason why I don't get a blogger account. That and Picking a name etc.....it's all too much.
(I'm serious. I hate making decisions like that.)

Canadian Sentinel said...

While I am, of course, a capitalist 100%, the apparent lack of ethics of the owners and players in many big companies does unnerve me. Which makes it important to expose those who do wrong, especially those who deliver propaganda/"news", etc.

Never even heard of Cygnus. My first thought is "Soros". Then "Chinese Communists", then "Saudis". Woudln't surprise me to learn there's some connection.

Bankrupt, but still in business. I smell Obammunism there. No wonder we're witnessing this fascism of the Obama White House, law enforcement, the submissive Big Media... Nevertheless, they're bound to fall apart at the schemes, because such corruption is ultimately self-undoing. We know this from history. Unfortunately, things that collapse frequently are rebuilt under a different name. Like the Evil Empire (think Putin).