Saturday, April 10, 2010

Far Left Working Overtime To Control CNN Agenda

Wow... the Far Left is well-organized, well-funded (thanks to the likes of George Soros and other ultra-wealthy prog boogeymen pulling puppetstrings from behind the curtains) with a huge army doing all sorts of stuff around the clock to push The Agenda.

And they're trying to control what the CNN puts onto the boob tube.
And now a liberal group called Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) is attacking CNN for planning to air a documentary called “I.O.U.S.A.: Solutions,” suggesting the network is “fanning the flames of deficit hysteria.” The group’s co-director Roger Hickey, is demanding CNN impose a “Fairness Doctrine” on itself.

Hmm.  Why does the Far Left want so desperately to control the output of the Big Media?  Isn't the Big Media sufficiently on their side already?  How much more control do the extreme ideologues of the Far Left wish to have?  100%?   Actually, it does seem that way...  Whatever's not 100% leftist is unacceptable to the Far Left, who will wage unholy jihad against anything that's not ideologically pure.

Ah... yes, I did mention George Soros and his money.  So on a hunch, I decided to check for a DTN profile for CAF Bingo!  Plenty of damning facts!  Yep, the CAF, who's trying to control the CNN's messaging, is funded by (admitted-and-unrepentant former Nazi collaborator and current financial-crisis profiteer) George Soros.  Why am I not surprised?  The guy pretty much keeps all these Far-Left unholy-jihad groups operating, much like Iran keeps Hamas and Hezbollah operating.

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Jen said...

How Wolfe, and others like him can sleep at nights knowing that they are bought owned and controlled by George SOROS, is beyond me.

If Wolfe or any of them have any ounce of self respect, they would get out of there fast.