Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Universities For Disciplined Christian Students

Got an interesting request via email.

It's a list of what appears to be proper, orthodox universities in line with Christian tradition, quite different from the universities we've heard about where it's all get-drunk-and-stoned-and-laid and stuff.

So if you're a serious Christian parent or student and don't want to have to worry about hardcore left-wingers acting crazy around you all the time and want a proper environment in which to focus on learning what you're there to learn, then perhaps one of these universities is for you.

Of course, the review of these universities comes from someone who sounds "progressive" but who at least practices restraint in opined criticism.

Actually, I wish the university I went to was that strict, because, as it wasn't, I ended up, being as young as I was (began when I was 19), terribly distracted by all sorts of stupid stuff.  It's a wonder I still somehow managed to graduate with an honors degree in business.  Perhaps if it had been a strict university, I could've much more easily focussed on my studies and learning instead of being distracted by weird leftists and leftist stuff.  And gotten high honors instead of just honors.  Hard to resist hot leftist babes when one's in one's early twenties.  They'll mess up a young dude's brain for sure!  If I ever go back to a university, it'll have to be one where all the girls are just like Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin, 'cause, though they're hot, too, they'll probably tell me I'll be more attractive to them with my nose in a textbook!

If, however, all you want is to get drunk, stoned and laid all the time, then perhaps you're better off going to, I don't know, wherever Obama or Clinton went...


Balbulican said...

"It's a list of what appears to be proper, orthodox universities in line with Christian tradition..."

Oh, absolutely, Scenty. Forbidding beards is certainly a great Christian tradition.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Christians need no lessons from "progressives" who believe Christians shouldn't be able to get an education AND be reasonably accommodated, ie. not required to abandon their beliefs just because some people disagree with them or are uncomfortable with them.

Balbulican said...

Ummm...if YOU think that prohibitions against beards are a traditional Christian value (did you actually READ the prospectus you quote so approvingly?) then you definitely DO need a lesson.