Friday, April 23, 2010

Facing Court-Martial, Defiant Soldier To Force Obama To Prove Legitimacy President and Commander-in-Chief.

The soldier's point is that unless it's validly proven that Obama is, under Constitutional requirements, eligible to be President, Obama's order to deploy to war is invalid.

No proof has ever been offered that Obama meets the Constitution's Eligibility Clause, ie. that he be born of two American citizens on American soil.  (Already, in fact, he's proven to be not-natural-born because only one of his parents was American.  Which makes it incredible that he's, nevertheless, notwithstanding the Constitution, allowed to be President!).

An unauthenticated, and invalid anyway, document (a "Certification of Live Birth", issued at the time of Obama's birth for babies born anywhere in the world) was uttered online by the Obama campaign in the last election, incorrectly claiming that it was somehow a "birth certificate".

Obama's original, authentic, long-form, complete birth certificate is claimed by the state of Hawaii to be in its possession and that they're forbidden to let anyone see it unless and until Obama himself changes his mind and tells them to let people see it after all.  Whether Hawaii is telling the truth is another question, but let's assume that they're telling the truth, and not a party to a Big Lie to screw around with the American People.  Let's assume that Obama's orginal, complete, valid-proof-of-place-of-birth-and-parental-citizenship-status is in the possession of Hawaii and that it is being hidden on Obama's order and that Obama wants it to stay a secret forever.

So as this criminal case goes forward, the court will have to uphold the right of the soldier to "discovery", thus forcing Obama to prove his legitimacy for once and for all.

This is one case to watch.  It's serious, historical and has extremely serious ramifications.

And guess what?  Obama brought it upon himself.

Of course, seeing as how the Constitution is already being ignored, it's quite reasonable to believe that the soldier's rights will be ignored, too.  This happens all the time, and "progressives" are ok with it when it does, as long as it doesn't inconvenience the "progressive" agenda.
"That disturbs me more than anything, and that's why we've got to stand up, because we're getting in more trouble.  It's like we're watching Washington burn as Nero watched Rome. What are we doing about it?
"Only the people can solve this problem. That's why the people must stand up and do what's right for America because we can't go this deviant route anymore. If not, we're lost as a country."

-Maj.-Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret)


Balbulican said...

Gosh, Scenty, wasn't your last prediction that there wasn't going to BE a court martial?

I think I'll do a post on your success as a prophet. ;)

Jen said...

Now that the Kenyan Minister of Lands said that the american president is a Kenyan-born. Who do you think the soldier is going to believe more the 'hidden' the kenyan minister or Obama who is having great difficulties proving his Birth Country.

What also amazing is that Michelle his wife also made it very clear that her husband loves Kenya.

Something doesn't add up to all this secrecy which frankly through Obama's stupidity does realize the problem he caused.
Everyone produces a birth certificate for some reason or another; yet the president of the united states refused and condinues to refuse. Suspicion grows.

Next president of the U S A, can be an ARAB-born..Shhhhh! 'to tell'

Anonymous said...

Didn't they just let off a female soldier who refused to deploy simply because she didn't wanna go?

∞ said...

21 year old single mom refused to go.. due to no child care,