Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ignatieff Converts To Hardcore Leftism

Michael Ignatieff is now marching in lockstep with Barack Hussein Obama.

According to Big Media pundit Laurence Martin.

Uh-oh.  Get ready for war.  The Liberal Progs are on the warpath.  They're going to get feckin' nasty now.

Prepare for battle, mates!

Looks like they're going to be divisive again, giving the West the finger and bending over with dropped trou for Ontario and Quebec.  A la the Merciless Neo-Communist Dictator Chretien.

They're going to become super-ultra-extreme all over again.  So much for turning over a new leaf and appealing to the Mainstream.  They're regressing to the extreme-left-wing Nineties, a decade of excesses and corruption that led to the crap we're suffering from today.

The Liberals want to copy the ultra-extreme-left-wing revolutionary Obamacrats.

Which is why we must work hard to make sure the Liberals never again return to power.  We don't want the Obammunist crap the Americans are rising up against as we speak.

I'm looking forward to the political combat.  The nastier the Librano$$$ get, the more I become motivated to point the finger of truth and reason, fight fire with fire and say what needs to be said about the bastards!

Bring it on!!!

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