Saturday, April 10, 2010

Apparently-Tortured Chinese Dissident Released, Looking Very 'Aged'

Chinese Human Rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng has finally been released after his unlawful detention and torture for speaking out against the corruption and evil of the Chinese Communist government.

Gao had been abducted on Feb. 4, 2009 by Chinese security agents and held incommunicado until Jan. 20, 2010. On April 7 the Associated Press reported that Gao had been allowed to return to his apartment in Beijing. A photo of Gao accompanied the AP report, the first photo of Gao released since this latest detention of him.

Geng He, Gao’s wife, is living in the United States with their two children. She told a New Tang Dynasty TV reporter that she wept a long time when she first saw the photo. She wept again while on the phone with the reporter describing the photo.

According to Geng He, in the photo Gao looks as if he has aged 20 years. She mentioned the look in his eyes, his emaciated appearance and his newly grey hair as giving the impression he had suddenly aged. She wondered what had been done to him this past year.


According to Li, Gao’s face showed some deformation. Li said, he felt that Gao must have experienced tremendous suffering and Li assumed he had endured torture. According to Li, when someone has gone through extremely harsh conditions, the facial expressions would appear to be distorted.

Video via New Tang Dynasty TV
"Just because of the repression I experienced, don't think that other people won't do what I did,” he said. “That's not human nature."
Indeed.  While the CCP might have "won" (by cheating like the cowardly cheaters they are) the battle with one man, they cannot win the war against all of humanity.

Why is it that the Left and the Big Media worry about what happens at Guantanamo Bay (very humane treatment, actually, even if it's hardly a five-star hotel), but they don't seem very much to care worth a damn about what happens behind the Red Bamboo Curtain?

Where's the campaign to boycott China like we boycotted South Africa because of the evil Apartheid regime there?  The boycott of S.A. worked, so why wouldn't a boycott of China work?  After all, the only thing keeping the Chinese Communist Party in power and tyrannizing the Chinese People is money.  So, we should cut off the money to hasten the CCP's collapse, I'd suggest.  Got a better idea?  Would war be a better idea?  Sitting down to talk with the Communists?  Nope- there's no reasoning with evil people, unfortunately.

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