Monday, April 26, 2010

Union Leader Charged With Assualting Officer At G-8

See?  Violence... from "progressives"!  NOT from "right-wingers"!

Ugh.  Neo-Communists denouncing capitalism and calling for the abolition of international organizations, ie. G-8 and G-20.

Do these fools really see socialism working for workers?  Do they really know what it's like for workers living under socialist tyranny such as in China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.?

And just check out how "mainstream", "normal" and "regular-folk" these folks are...

Those are some of the openly-crazy-and-violent ones.  The ones who look like regular folks, well, they're carrying anti-capitalist signs, meaning that they're socialists, not normal folks.

Funny how the Big Media doesn't say nasty things like "they're teabaggers" and "they're racists and terrorists", etc., about these Hard-Left folks, whereas the Big Media goes out of its way to spew nasty propaganda about the Tea Party, which represents Mainstream Americana...

Isn't it nice how the Big Media gives these people a big voice but not the Tea Party folks?  Isn't it interesting how the article indicates that "police allege", but it indicates that "the protestors say"?  Funny, that.  When the police say something, it's an allegation, but when the Progs say something, it's as if they're telling the truth, not "alleging" something.  Keen-minded readers will catch this differential treatment.  Of course, if the protestors had been regular folks like Tea Partiers, then the Big Media would use "police said" and "teabaggers alleged"...

By the way, the leftist protestors at the G-8, hey, they're Astroturf.  They're fisters.  They're all racists.  They're potentially violent.  They're anti-government.  How do they like being called those things?  Oh, they don't?  Then maybe they shouldn't call ordinary folks those things for simply disagreeing with Obama and the Democrats.  Nice of the Big Media to never call radical, extreme leftist protestors vulgar names, ain't it?

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