Sunday, April 18, 2010

'Teabagger' Pride And Obama's Agent Provocateurs

See also:  Foiling the Hard-Left Obamacrat Brownshirt Agent Provocateurs, Infiltrators, Saboteurs.

Tea Partiers are well-prepared for the party crashers, ready with signs saying "infiltrator", "not with us", "lefty plant" and yelling at 'em and following 'em 'til they go away.  Well-done!

Like, the Obamacrats' footsoldiers have done a major fail!

I'm sure George Soros is real pissed at their failure.  Who'll he send in next?  What'll he try next?

More:  New smear from the Left, who fails to realize that their preferred party, the Democratic Party, is the one responsible for the Klan. And who forget that there's Klanners in the Democratic Party... even today.  Like, there's one-time Grand Kleagle, Senator Robert Byrd...

More:  This is hilarious:  Disingenuous Democrat demagogue violence-incitor points hypocritical fingers of projection at Tea Partiers.  Yep, it's the pot calling the kettle...

Yep.  Those Leftwingnutcases going around trying to smear the American People, those Leftwingnutcases are Obama's people.  Obama condones their wild and wacky behavior.  Why?

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