Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ontario Libs' Sex-Ed Agenda Way Too Extreme, Explicit

One wonders who designed the Ontario Liberal government's (Dalton McGuinty, Premier) radical, revolutionary "sex-ed" program to be imposed on Ontario schoolchildren.
Ontario is poised to inaugurate a new and explicit sex education curriculum in September. According to a detailed outline posted on the Ministry of Education’s website in January, children in Grade 3 will for the first time learn about “invisible differences” between people, including those of gender identity and sexual orientation, while Grade 6 and 7 students will receive instruction in such nitty-gritty activities as “vaginal lubrication” and “anal intercourse.”

We're talking about children!  Children!  They're not even allowed to look at Playboy magazine.  Why the hell should they have all that unnecessary grown-up-stuff-only nonsense imposed upon them? 

I smell radical, far-left-wing extremism at work here.  The sort of stuff that's already perverted Europe, the Left is trying to impose onto North America.

Children don't need to know about such things as "gender identity", "sexuality", slippery pussies and butthole-ramming.  Really, they do NOT!  They need to learn to read, write, do math, learn sciences, learn history, that sort of thing.  That's all schools should be doing.  Schools shouldn't be used by ideological extremists (ie Liberals) for social-engineering purposes.

Sheesh!  You know, if Ontario parents had balls, they'd make sure that this does NOT happen.  But I guess Ontario parents don't have balls.  If I'm wrong, let 'em prove it!

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Anonymous said...

This is, of course, due to the revival of bacha bazi and the gathering of harems. Canadians must sacrifice their children for the pleasure and pacification of the Islamic tumors growing inside their country. Ha! But seriously...

Here, the evidence of the social Mengele is strong. What specific purpose is served having children dwell on sex at a time when there is no natural inclination for them to do so?

The liberals like the thoughts of children thinking about sex. They like to talk to children about sex. Explain how 'natural' it is. They like to take a child down the slide of moral relativism again and again and again... until the child has no objections.

They pawn off moral corruption as education. Is there any surprise there? Really? Then you don't know the liberal, the progressive. You see they want to f__k everything. They want to f__k your wife, your kid, ...your dog... and they don't want there to be any problems with that.

They want free health care with free abortions and free pot for everyone. Meanwhile the ambitious ones, are in politics legislating the theft of wealth, and facilitating its transfer to those who, like themselves, produce nothing. (Including the pedophiles, who like to spend their time thinking about talking to children about sex.) It's disgusting really. ∞ ≠ ΓΈ ☺