Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spock Visits Vulcan, Alberta, Endorses Kirk For Governor-General

Story here.
Leonard Nimoy's pilgrimage to Vulcan comes as the 79-year-old actor announced he will be hanging up his Mr. Spock ears for good, retiring from the role that made him famous.

"I will not be doing any more directing or acting in films or television," Nimoy told The Canadian Press. "I have so many other things to do."

When Nimoy touched down in Vulcan, a small town about 130 kilometres south of Calgary, this afternoon, he was greeted by about 2,000 people from the town and the surrounding areas, CTV's Janet Dirks reported.

As for the grassroots campaign promoting William Shatner (Captain Kirk) for Governor-General of Canada:
"I have not only heard about it, I think it's a wonderful thing, because Bill desperately needs something to do," Nimoy joked. "I hope he gets the job, and I'm advising him to take it, so he can do something useful with his life."
Captain Kirk, now that you're retired from Starfleet and somebody else is commanding the Enterprise, this could be your new seat, should the guy on the left offer it to you when the lady's finished with it.  Nice chair, ain't it?


Warren Zoell said...

Capn Kirk as Governor General can you imagine? I... WilliamShatner...accepttherole...asGovernorGeneralofCanada.

Enkidu said...

The only thing better would be Adam West as GG, with Burt Ward as his ceremonial side-kick, Ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Curious... Is that Janeane Garofalo behind Harper?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I don't think so. Too well-dressed... Garofalo dresses like a rodeo clown...

ImNoDhimmi said...

Shatner, the licentious, drunken buffoon, should fit right in with most of the bunch on Parliament Hill.