Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bisexuals Sue Gays For Discrimination

 Mad about the above poster with apparently gay Nazis?  
Hey, buddy, bigot is as bigot does.
Of course there's gay supremacists out there... gotta crack down on those bigots, too!

Apparently gay folks discriminate, too.  Who'd have ever thought...?

"Not 'gay' enough"...

Of course, the gays also discriminate against straights.  So, they figure, why not discriminate against those "gays" who also play for the other team, while they're getting away with discrimination anyway?  Uh-oh... who's up next for the gays' intolerance?

Huh.  That's kind of like black folks deeming the half-and-half Obama "not black enough".

It's kind of like deeming half-Jewish folks "not Aryan enough".

Ah, now, see.  The "gay" group in question is claiming that since it's a private organization, they can discriminate as they see fit.

But the problem with that claim is that the gay movement itself has been going after the Boy Scouts for "discriminating" against gays by refusing to hire openy-gay scoutmasters, etc.

Here we go again with the self-proclaimed "tolerant" proving that they're INtolerant... and hypocritical.

Sheesh.  Who can take the radical, revolutionary "gay" militant movement seriously?

Obama doesn't.  In fact, he wants militant gays to shut up and go away.  Hell, he won't even let the newsmedia cover them when they demonstrate!

Hey, if Obama can get away with pretty much telling the militant, extremist, intolerant gays to "go to hell", as it were, then surely everyone can, right?

No?  Well, then, Mr. and Mrs. John Q Leftist, you'd better say the same to Obama!  No, it doesn't matter that his skin's darker than yours... what're you guys, racist, as well as anti-bi?  Sheesh!

Hey, come to think of it, straight folks should sue the gays for discriminating against them, too.  How would the gays like to be told that they can't play in non-gay sports just because they're gay?  They'd surely sue!

Hypocrisy is found everywhere.  Intolerance is found within every group.

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