Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obama Saddens, Disappoints Jews Re Mean-Spirited Treatment Of Israel

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No doubt about it... Obama hates Israel, as does the Democratic Party.
The WJC president asks why this administration seems to blame Israel for the lack of movement on peace talks when it is the Palestinians, not Israel, who refuse to negotiate. Settlements were not the key issue when peace talks broke down before and they are not the key issue now.

Lauder then asks if it is true that America is no longer committed to a final status agreement that provides Israel with defensible borders. He goes on to ask if friction with Israel is part of the Administration's desire to improve relations with the Muslim world and warns that appeasement does not work.


Former New York Mayor Ed Koch condemned the Obama administration's attitude toward Israel in the strongest terms: "I weep today because my president, Barack Obama, in a few weeks has changed the relationship between the US and Israel from that of closest of allies to one in which there is an absence of trust." He goes on to say: "…our closest ally… has been demeaned and slandered, held responsible …for our problems in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East."

Of course, those Leftists, including Obama, they're yet again scapegoating the Jewish People via Israel.  It's just like how they were scapegoated for the problems of Germany.  We know what happened because of that scapegoating.

Only bad things are going to come out of the extremist Obamacrat Regime currently gripping America and the world.

The Obamacrats are being foolish.  Don't they realize that they will fail to get what they want?

Israel will NOT submit!  Israel will take care of herself!  Israel from now on needn't feel compelled to listen to the current regime in America.... not at all.  Israel will now be free to make her own decisions with respect to her own security, with or without Obama's help.

Anyone who attacks Israel now will face devastating retaliation unfettered by American and "International Community" and "United Nations" handwringing.  Why should Israel listen to those who chose not to be her friend, after all?


Anonymous said...

The liberal Jews in this country have fallen into progressivism. Enraptured and unquestioning of Obama, these self-espoused “critical thinkers" have blindly effed their own people and themselves. Many are still deluded and campuses full of the brightest social thinkers have not yet stirred to the stench of the brand of coffee Obama is serving.
Liberal Catholics are entirely similar. Although not as evident in academia, it is their collective political disdain that is missing now. WHAT WILL IT TAKE? ARE THEY BLIND, DEAF, & DUMB?
So, the conservative few are left to the fight. Is this Paradise Lost? We see the strategy. We know the lies. Is truth to be defeated by the tricks of moral relativism, post modernism, and nihilism? Isn’t it so obvious that this so called president seeks only to weaken and ultimately destroy the greatest society the world has ever seen?
Shhhh! I must not say things like that. We’re not great. We’re a bad bad country, and deserve to be punished. We must humble ourselves to the world. Step down from power. Give it up… Give up…

∞ ≠ ø

Canadian Sentinel said...

"Shhhh! I must not say things like that. We’re not great. We’re a bad bad country, and deserve to be punished. We must humble ourselves to the world. Step down from power. Give it up… Give up…"

I see you're doing your John Holdren impression... y'know, the "Science Czar" who says America "can't be number one forever". He's just one of dozens of brain-scrambled "Czars" appointed by the Manchurian Candidate Obama.

Hmm. The People have apparently awaken, in the millions, to the reality of the Fascist Left. The ground is already vibrating a bit, with more to come.

Just wait 'til November, and the November a couple years after that... The Progs will be getting their just desserts. Probably will want a recount and will sue, sue, sue like Al Gore did, even if they lose by ten percentage points!

While I know that ignorance is bliss, and I could just walk away from following this stuff and saying what's on my mind, and go do fun stuff in ignorance, I simply cannot leave it alone, unlike many folks. 'Cause it's so important, and it affects not only America, but Canada and the world as well, so everyone in the world has a stake in what's going on in America. So those who ask me, a Canadian, what do I care what happens in America, I say, hey, it concerns everyone in the world!

America matters! Israel matters!

If we were to lose just these two countries, America and Israel, humanity worldwide would be in grave danger.

Canadian Sentinel said...

What's "FTS"?

Anonymous said...

F--k that S--t and, in this case.

F----------CK THAAAAAAAAT S-----------T !!!! Said with vessel popping deep red to purple colored, shaking with rage, and frothy spittle flying face.

Holden is a worthless pedigreed liberal. Deranged by years spent drinking the Kool-Aid at Berkley and playing catch with Chomsky at MIT. ∞ ≠ ø ☺

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting perspective on the situation. A well written article with good tid bits...but, I'm not sure this guy understands the threat Obama represents and Iran bears no mention even as an asside.
Good to see many of my favorites signed the AIPAC resolution.∞ ≠ ø ☺