Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leftists Caught Being Racist. Whither Big Media To Tell Us?

Story here.

We know what the headlines would read if something were said to annoy Al Sharpton. But it took racist phonecalls to a dean to invoke outrage.

I know many other black conservatives have endured the racial slurs from the left for decades, and the media has never had our backs.

I know I shouldn’t write in anger, but the point I’m trying to make is that the media has never addressed the racism that comes daily from the left. We only hear about intolerance when a girls basketball team is insulted or a race huckster wants to make headlines. Racism is alive and well in America and it’s publicly displayed, and unfortunately it’s taken this long for someone in the mainstream media to take notice.
Something tells me that the Big "Progressive-Liberal" Media is racist! 

Well, what do you know... heeeere's the Washingon Post getting all excited about extremely discreditable allegations of racism being hurled at the Tea Party, suggesting that such unbacked allegations merit "more investigation", while failing to do much, if any, reporting on the PROVEN racism coming FROM THE LEFT!  Incredible!  Ok and nuttin'-ta-see-here-move-on for Leftists to demonstrably be racist, but it's a reportable crisis when Leftists falsely accuse non-Leftists of it?  WTF?!  Friggin' sonsabitches and arseholes!

See?  They won't report when they've got proof of Leftists being racist, but they're gung-ho about going to the ends of the Earth in the faint hope of finding a shred of evidence of the Tea Party being the same...


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