Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ontario Liberals Back Down On Extreme Sex-Ed Indoctrination Plot

Yesterday I blew my whistle on this bizarre idea of the McGuinty Liberal regime in Ontario.

Today it's reported that they've decided to nix the whole thing.

Guess the Liberals were caught with their pants on the ground, up to no good...

Of course, if it had been the Obamacrat Reich, they'd be going right ahead fast and furious and ramming it all down America's throat.  They're doing it with everything else, after all.  Nothing's stopping them.  If they pull back, they'll surge forward again once the heat dies down enough.  Come to think of it, the Ontario Liberals might sneak the dirty thing back in once no one's paying attention.  This is how the Progs work.  They'll never, ever give up.  When they want something, they'll find ways to get it.  Trial and error and patience.  Plus a lot of propaganda and extremism.  They make it happen, especially when The People let it.  The Progs are programmed and hellbent on imposing all kinds of crap, no doubt about it!

Apparently, the Muslims were offended.  So I guess it's no surprise that the Liberals submitted.
“There’s a big reaction in Muslim community,” said Suad Aimad, president of Somali Parents for Education. “We believe basically that sex education may be taught by the parents to their children. It’s not public, it’s a private matter and that’s why I don’t think [sex] should be part of education, especially at such a young age.” 

Christians aren't happy with the Liberals' extremism, either.
Murielle Boudreau, of the Greater Toronto Catholic Parent Network, said Catholic parents aren’t happy that Mr. McGuinty is condoning such an explicit approach to sex education and she expected many would keep their children at home in protest.

“I don’t understand how the business of sensual behaviour between consenting adults has anything to do with Grade 3,” she said. “Grade 6? Getting them ready for masturbation and vaginal lubrication? Give me a break. They’re going to traumatize these children – they’re going to be doing everything out in the schoolyard.”

OMG... indeed, you know how children are.  If you teach them to do this, do that, oh, yea, they're gonna do this and that!  After all, if the teacher says it's "ok and good and natural", what the hell does one expect?

Loony Liberals, eh!  Sheeeesh!

Guess perhaps Canada is more conservative than America, which already has crap like that going on in schools, with the Obamacrats plotting even more, with the help of sexual extremist Kevin Jennings, one of the Obamacrat Reich's ultra-crazy-ass "Czars". 

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