Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obamacare Bill Created 'Obama Youth' Corps

So that's one of the reasons why the Obamacrats wouldn't let Americans read the bill before it was voted on by politicians.

The Obamacrats broke their promise to put it online for a certain time period before it'd be voted on.  They lied to Americans.

The Obamacrats have made it incredibly more difficult for the People to be represented, as they now have politicians who don't bother to read the bills for them.  The thousands-of-pages bills, that is.  Who has time for such monstrosities?  Exactly.  This is why the Obamacrats hid all that pork-barreling inside the monstrosity of Obamacare... and the "Obama Youth" Corps was hidden inside as well.  The legalese, for sure it's a wide-open loophole to the unknown and unprecedented... and un-American.  Just watch.

 Click to enlarge and see Mrs. Obama's quotation, which is scary and ominous.
Note that she says that Obama... "...will require you...", "...demand that you..."... and "...never allow you to go back to your lives as usual".

If the bill had been posed online (as promised, and as not done) for enough time for the People to go over it and report their findings widely online, they'd have discovered the frightening part of it that created the "civilian army", whose mandate is apparently open and unspecified.  What is the hidden agenda behind its creation?

Anyone who tells me they like Obama... I just shake my head and realize that they're hopelessly ignorant.  Hopelessly because they won't listen, won't look harder, won't think for themselves...  Much like the German People prior to and during the Third Reich.

"Democrats".  Nope, they aren't.  They're dictators and tyrants.


Balbulican said...

You're a little late to the lie this time, Scenty. This particular piece of dishonesty has been sliming around since March, using exactly the same out of context and edited "quotes" from the Bill. I'm surprised you missed - WND published exactly the same yawner on March

Let me give you a little lesson in propaganda. Whenever you hear a story that is built up of little tiny clips, and VERY selected, out of context fragments from documents, you're probably being lied to.

When the narrative relies on scary, unsourced, uncredited, unexplained video to make its point, you're probably being lied to.

When a narrative relies on ominous but completely unattributable phrases like "Some People Think...", you're probably being lied to.

Scenty, did you happen to note that the section in question is AMENDED? The Ready Reserve Corps was restuctured in 1964 by executive order. It is a deployable response team reporting to the Surgeon General for disaster relief, and has been for the last forty five years.

This bill upgrades its budget to 12.5 million dollars, which is about half of what Toronto spends on snow removal every day.

I realize you love to promulgate ant-Obama lies without even thinking about it. But please: do JUST a LITTLE fact checking before you spread this nonsense. Unless you really have no sense of truth left at all.

Balbulican said...

Sorry, error. That should read "what Toronto spends on snow removal every year."

See, Scenty? When you make a mistake, correct it. That's how grownups do it.

Balbulican said...

One more little addition to your pile of nonsense: the video clip of black kids first started appearing on the blogs in October, 2008 - before Obama was even elected.

And YOU accuse Obama supporters of being "hopelessly ignorant"??

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... thank you, Mr. Chomsky...

Balbulican said...

So you don't even have the brains or balls to admit you just published a complete, paranoid fabrication??

Jesus, man. Have you no moral or intellectual integrity left at all??

Those are FACTS I gave you, Scenty. FACTS. You lied. Do you not have the basic decency to recant?

∞ ≠ ø said...

"(3) APPOINTMENT.–Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall be appointed by the President”

That's odd. Why would the president be concerned with the commissioning of medical officers?
And why does he split this corps by defining an additional Regular Reserve Corp?
And why do they respond to emergencies without defined parameters?
And why is their training never specified or referred to as medical?

Why is the president expanding this avenue, and splitting it, when he has FEMA, the NIH, the CDC, the army reserve, local fire and rescue, local police, state police, U.S. Marshal Service, and the RED CROSS?

Bullshitagain from the corner cries liar. OK Jackass. You go on being an apologist for this fascist bastard of a president we have. AND, YOU MINDLESS FREAK, SPECIFY THE LIE! I SEE NONE.

The video of youth indoctrination is of... what? OH YEA! YOUTH INDOCTRINATION. For a man who is not yet president!!!??? EVEN MORE ALARMING. This s**t should make your skin crawl.

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set," he said. "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Let's see the DOD budget for fiscal year 2011 is 708 billion for 2,800,000 active and reserve troops. Can you justify any visualization of 2 million Americans actively employed in a civilian security force? What the hell do you think this is about?

The 12.5 million sets up architecture. And where will the "RRC" be operating? In poor neighborhoods, actively recruiting displaced youth and workers, union "brothers". FAMILIAR YET? YOU RUBE! The ready reserve corps will not be uniformed (Gestapo, KGB = Committee For State Security) and the regular reserve corps will be uniformed, (SS, SA)

It's not even a thin disguise.

This was a timely post. We may have been beginning to forget this aspect. Thanks C.S.

Canadian Sentinel said...

You see, Balbulican, you need to be analytical and practice REAL critical thinking, like Infinity...

If Bush had done what Bamma's been doing, Balbulican would be raising the alarm over the ambiguities and loopholes. And he'd certainly point to militia-clothed youth praising and worshipping and swearing to serve Bush...

But since a Democrat does it, oh, don't worry... Democrats, since they're good, they wouldn't do anything... evil, like, y'know, Hitler did... oh, no... never... inconceivable, impossible... only the nutcases would think such a thing even possible! Never mind that they were responsible for slavery, brought forth the KKK in the first place and brought in the racial-segregation laws, etc... oh, we don't talk about that stuff anymore, at least not mentioning the Democrats' direct, exclusive culpability therefor... we're supposed to pretend that it must've been the Republicans who did that, which it was NOT.

Remember, there was a reason why Americans were forbidden to read the bill before it was passed. The Regime didn't want them to see all the ambiguities and loopholes and vagueness and unspecificities... it wasn't just about the billions and billions in pork-barreling and bribes to Congressmen and Senators to literally, blatantly buy their votes... there's loopholes written in on purpose, and the nature of these loopholes is cause for alarm. It would be, if the Republicans had written a bill like this and passed it using the extreme tactics and cheating as did the Obamacrats. Definitely the Big Media would be jumping up and down and screaming about it.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yup. Balbulican wants the Obamacrats to do whatever they want. Balbulican has unconditional support for the Obamacracy. Balbulican is dreaming of a national-socialist utopia in America, 'cause the Left in Canada will then be inspired to create one in Canada. It's plainly obvious what Balbulican, behind his phony sound and fury, strutting and fretting, etc., is doing. Trying to protect the tyrants who are advancing his ideology.

Balbulican said...

""(3) APPOINTMENT.–Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall be appointed by the President”"

Usually one comment on your stupidity is sufficient, but this is the gift that keeps on giving.

ALL Officers are appointed by the president, idiot, just as all contracts signed by the government of Canada are entered into by "The Queen". The authority is delegated.

Lying or stupid?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hey, Balbulican... you're talking to an American there.

Hey, Balbulican, I see what you did there...

Hey, Balbulican... look over here...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, here's another one of Balbulican the Troll. Hey, "Balbulican" is a great name for a troll...


Balbulican said...

LOL. So let's sum up, shall we?

You didn't know that the "secret army" you're quaking about has actually existed since the sixties to assist with medical aid in emergencies.

You didn't know that the scary video provided to back up that claim precedes Obama's election.

You didn't know that all the sections of the act you quoted were edited and taken out of context.

And when the facts are give to you, you retreat into your playground mode.

I used to think you didn't care about the truth. I am increasingly of the opinion that you don't even understand what it means.

Your job doesn't involved pointy objects, I hope?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Got busy this wknd and look at all the catching up I have to do.

Blah Blah again you are an ignorant git aren't you. See the problem I was illustrating is that the Secretary of Health Education and Welfare used to have commissioning authority over the Reserve Corps.

The section is amended yes....but from what, one should ask...AND WHY? So...I'm not stupid or a liar or any of that stuff.
Remember this?

"See, Scenty? When you make a mistake, correct it. That's how grownups do it."

One other note: The day the bill was enacted the active Ready Reserve Corps was emptied into the Regular Corps. It has been cleansed, and awaits Obama's select officers.

Now oldfoolagain retreat to your own playground. This one is the Canadian Sentinel's... and the day is won.

P.S. Some decorum from you in the future would be appreciated.