Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look Who's Running In November To Boot Out The Bums

Lots of REAL, deserving Americans who care about their country and people, not about their bank accounts.

No more dour, aloof, arrogant career politicians who do whatever George Soros tells them.

How about, for just ONE great example, this guy, two-time Gulf War veteran, Nick Popaditch, celebrating the defeat of Saddam's regime below, to replace Nasty Nancy as Speaker?  He sacrificed an eye for the cause of freedom.  What'd Nasty Nancy do?
Popaditch, nicknamed "Gunny Pop," had been engaged in combat inside the terrorist stronghold for 36 hours before he was severely wounded, disoriented, blind, deaf and covered in blood. Video of the attack is available at the website for his book, "Once a Marine." He was medically retired from the Marines in 2005.

(CS note:  That video of the aftermath of an attack on the tank is a must-watch, and captures the inconvenient truth of war as well as any other footage).

Nick Popaditch, real American hero.  Making Arnold look like a figment of a screenwriter's imagination.

Betcha this guy, who's for real, not a movie character, could kick Arnold's ass.
AND he could be President.
Imagine this guy telling the Axis of Evil to "Go ahead, punks... make my day".

Kind of reminds me of Moshe Dayan, who, after also losing an eye himself in WWII, led Israel to victory in many wars...

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Anonymous said...

Gunny Nick is the real deal. go to www.popaditchforcongress.com and throw the man a few bucks. We can defeat these marxist bastards if we all band together and support good men and women like Popaditch.

Get em Gunny!

Semper Fi

Bob (no, not THAT Bob!)