Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ted Koppel Living In Discredited Past

Media Research Center...

He blames "capitalism and competition" for the "decline in journalistic standards".

We know that's pure B.S.  We know he's fullashit.

The Big Old Newsmedia networks are all singing the same politically-correct, pro-"progressive"/anti-conservative tune, and are only telling people what their wealthy, agenda-obsessed owner-bosses what the People to know. This is precisely why people have turned towards the New Media online,... the radio, etc., and, especially, FOX News, who tells us all kinds of stuff the other networks refuse to, because the others are firmly mired in the tar pits of discredited, anachronistic "progressive" activist/propaganda journalism.

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Watcher said...

The MSM has lost control of the message ... thank goodness and about time.