Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bernier Speaks Inconvenient Truth To Quebec

This is precisely the truth that needs to be publicly stated.
"As a Quebecer, I am not really proud of the fact that we are a poor province that gets equalization money. And if we are poorer, it's not the rest of Canada's fault," Bernier said. "It should be obvious enough that unbridled state interventionism does not lead to prosperity. If that were the case, Quebec would be the richest place in North America instead of being one of the poorest."

In other words, Maxime Bernier wants Quebec to face the fact that socialism does not bring prosperity, but rather dependency.

If Quebec was sovereign, it would be even more socialist.  Given that socialism promotes poverty, and given that Quebec would be foregoing billions in equalization, well, it would look like, say, Obama's America or like today's Greece.

So the separatists want to be socialist and sovereign.  How do they propose to work that out, seeing as it doesn't work to be socialist, even while getting billions in easy money from Alberta?  What, will they just talk about "hope" and "change"?  Like, hey, is it working in Brave New Hopeychangey Obamerica?

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