Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama Claims Godlike Power To Control Economy

Obama is hopelessly delusional.
Obama used his weekly radio address to build on the administration's argument that lawmakers need to quickly pass the most wide-ranging changes to financial market oversight since the Great Depression.

"That's how we'll help to put an end to the cycles of boom and bust that we've seen," Obama said. "And that's how ... we'll not only revive the economy, but help to rebuild it stronger than ever before."
(Emphasis mine, to highlight Obama's delusionality and arrogance)

Wonder if there was background music commissioned by Leni Riefenstahl?  What, was it the tune related to Triumph of the Will, reminiscent of the insanity written in Nietzsche's bizarre-drivel book Thus Spake Zarathustra?  Nah... Obama's even crazier than all that crap, going way further and effectively asserting deity-level powers.

Uh-oh...  Such delusion of grandeur and omnipotence...  This is, as history has taught at least some of us, cause for alarm, when someone in Obama's position makes such an impossibly grandoise claim of being able to and having a (vague) plan to fix massive, incomprehensively-complex, uncontrollable-by-man problems for once and for all.  Of course, that Obama's of this quick-bring-me-a-straitjacket mentality, that's no surprise, as he already believes, as does Al Gore, that he, a mere mortal, can control the climate.

Then again, what do we expect of "progressives"?

Next thing you know, he'll be telling us that he somehow, mysteriously, understands exactly how the Universe works and that he's prepared to rule it and make it work perfectly.

I cannot help but be reminded of historical socialist leaders who made similar unbelievable promises and couldn't keep them, because it was impossible.

Obama must've been toking again.


Balbulican said...

Why Scenty - you've been practically fawning over Stephen Harper because he caved in to Liberal pressure and is doing exactly what Obama did before him. It's working in Canada, and it's working in the States.

TRY to think.

Canadian Sentinel said...


Harper presides over a minority government. He faced the very real prospect of unpopular usurpation by a coalition of three groups of extreme left-wing radicals, and decided to play along (to a degree, not all the way, I suspect, but that's yet to be seen after a while) to prevent that. If he hadn't, he'd risk exposing Canada and Canadians to a coup which would've very likely done a lot of extremely damaging things without democratic legitimacy.

Obama, on the other hand, is President, and his party controls Congress and the Senate. Who's stopping them from imposing what they want?

Big difference.

Now, if Canadians had trusted Harper with a majority, the coup would never have been threatened, and we wouldn't have a deficit anywhere near the size it is today.

Therefore it's important to give Harper a majority, so that the Opposition can't again threaten a coup to force him to do whatever crazy shit they want, to copy the policies and agenda of the devastating Obamacrat Reich.