Monday, April 26, 2010

'Coffee Party' Draws Only Wacko Progs

It's silly to even bother to try.

Because virtually everyone going to the hard-left "Coffee Party" is just a crazy zombie lefty.

The leadership of the "Coffee Party" wants civility.

But the membership isn't interested in that.  They want to, well, act like wacko progs.  You know what that means.  Ugly "demonstrations"... very ugly and scary.

You see, the Tea Party is representative of Mainstream Americana, and is civil and rational.

The Obamacracy-linked, Astroturfy "Coffee Party", well, obviously isn't, and is getting nowhere.

I hope they don't actually drink coffee.  Can you picture unhinged progs hopped up on caffeine?  Not a pretty picture!

The "Coffee Party" isn't moderate.  It's extreme.  Uncivil.  Delusional.  Potentially violent and terrorist.  Just watch them prove it, though their propaganda arm (the Big Corporate Media) won't tell us about it.

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∞ said...

Coffee party: Chock Full o'Nuts