Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time To End All Aid To Afghanistan?

The following question made me ask that question.
(...)  there is no rule that says Canadians must keep pouring aid dollars into Afghanistan. Many ordinary Afghans are deserving of our help. But if their government can’t be trusted, how are we to know where the money’s going?

Indeed.  Which makes me also ask:  Why do we give money to countries whose governments are obviously NOT going to use it to help the People?   And, while "Palestine" isn't a country at all, we still send money to the "Palestinian Authority", which is really a terrorist organization, with front-men such as Abu "Mahmoud Abbas" Mazen of Fatah (the PLO, actually, with a name change), wearing suits and smiling for the camera.  Those of us who bothered to check the hard way know that our money only goes into anti-Semitic propaganda and to buy bombs and other weapons.  Oh, sure, some of it goes into the corruptocrats' pockets, as it did into Yasser Arafat's.  Of course.  "Palestine" is really a racket, with the "Palestinian Authority" using the "refugees" as pawns and hostages and human bombs.  The real enemy is the "Authority", yet we give them money.  Sheesh!

We're not in power in places like Afghanistan or "Palestine".  Evil men are.  So why should we send money to and sacrifice lives for these evil men to maintain their stranglehold on power and continue to oppress their People?  We have no say over how the money will be used, no control over its disbursements, no way of knowing whether anyone's actually being helped at all, other than the corruptocrats.  Besides, we're deeply in deficit and our debt is amassing again.

It's one thing to say that other peoples' money (tax dollars) should be sent here and there "to help the needy", but it's another thing as to whether anyone actually gets helped by it, other than the politicians who tyrannize the people we'd love to help, but cannot, because we have no power, no authority, over there.

It's time to shake our heads and end our delusions.  We want to do good things in Afghanistan, help the Afghan People, but, seeing the politics of the thing as they really are (as opposed to hoping they would be, as we've been doing, such hope being the foundation of our support for the mission), there's, in reality, little point, other than a school or a hospital that will serve for photo-ops and optics and propaganda to make the Afghan regime look good to the world to make 'em want to send more money, but then the Taliban will, of course, just come right on back and blow up the buildings and kill the people...  And President Karzai supposedly wants to be one of the Taliban, with whom he's stupid enough to sit down and talk, as if sitting down and talking with Satan (albeit clad in a robe) will do any good.

If Karzai wants to do things his way, then he can... but we won't have any part of his evil ways.

At least we can say we don't want to.  Too bad the government will probably still send our money over there.

It's also unfair because we see Obama telling Israel to do as HE says or else lose all American support, period.  Why is it that we treat places like Afghanistan and "Palestine" so much better (letting them do whatever they want) than we treat Israel (whom Obama's bossing around in an arrogantly dictatorial way)?  Political correctness?  Afraid of massive hard-left-wing protests involving property destruction for our standing up for what's right and against what's wrong?

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