Sunday, April 18, 2010

Muslim Arrested After Weapons Cache Discovered

Abdullah Muhammad Muslim
(Formerly Johnnie Clagg, prison convert to Islam)

Story here.

No doubt this guy will be given every benefit of the doubt, while the peaceful Tea Party folks will be smeared with the "Tim McVeigh" label by such luminaries as Bill Clinton and his ilk.
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Federal officials said on Friday that a large amount of weapons were found at the home of a man who allegedly stole the identity of someone bound to a wheelchair and suffering from cerebral palsy, and used it to try to flee the country.


Police stopped Muslim's vehicle on the city's southwest side in October. He was wanted on charges of identity theft and trying to falsify a passport.

After being arrested, federal agents went to his home and said they found an arsenal inside, Hirsch reported.

Investigators said they found two AK 47s, a 9mm semiautomatic rifle and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, pipe bomb materials, a ballistic face mask and vest, and a flak jacket.

Oh, of course he's not a terrorist.  Of course not.  It's necessarily impossible! After all, the Far-Left Obamacrat Reich has effectively officially deemed that NO Muslims could possibly ever be terrorists, which is why it's forbidden to say "Islamic terrorist" and other similar things inconvenient to Muslims.  Of course, they'll say "right-wing terrorists", even though it's offensive to everyone who's not a left-winger (ie. the majority of Americans!). Funny how they're not worried about left-wing terrorists, such as Bill Ayers, Obama's old neighbor and buddy and convicted terrorist who walks around freely to this day, still spewing his extremist hatred and treasonous drivel...

Funny how it's not a Tea Partier.  We've been hearing all this propagandic Big Lie nonsense from the Obamacrats, the Big Media and Bill Clinton about how the Tea Party folks are supposed to be some kinda terrorists, but no one has ever provided any evidence of ONE single Tea Partier being "extreme", and, in fact, Leftists are desperately trying to infiltrate the protests and pose as "extremists", only to be exposed, themselves.

There's no covering up the fact that he's a Muslim.  Because it's even his NAMEMr. Muslim!

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