Monday, April 26, 2010

'Innocent' Arar Stands Up For Al-Qaeda Khadr

 Maher Arar.  Looks pretty happy for a guy who claims his "life was changed" by a year of horrific torture at the hands of evil Syrian Islamists.

Sounds like Maher Arar is becoming (or always was) a soft jihadist.

Note the headline referring to his "struggle".  "Struggle" is a definition of "jihad", after all.

Gotta love the spin in the article.  Saying the guy's "working for human rights because Canada's 'scorning' them".  Sheesh!

 Omar Khadr of Al Qaeda.  Arar is supporting him.

Again a Big Media article says he was tortured, rather than correctly saying he claims to have been, while it was never proven.

Weird how the same Big Media uses phrases like "allegedly tortured" and "claims to have been tortured" when referring to William Sampson, who was obviously tortured in illegal captivity by the evil Saudi regime.  WTF?!  Why the difference?  Is the Big Media really that ignorant, clueless, brainwashed?  Do they not ever think for themselves?  Do they just write and say whatever they were told to?

 William Sampson, wrongfully accused, imprisoned, sentenced to death and tortured by Saudi Arabia.
Has Maher Arar even mentioned Mr. Sampson?  Why only talk about Omar Khadr?
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Come to think of it, why hasn't Maher Arar tried to reach out to William Sampson... why hasn't he talked about Mr. Sampson's case, tried to help him get compensation, too?  Hmm?  Is it because Mr. Sampson isn't a Muslim, isn't a fellow terrorist or suspected terrorist?  One must ask about this.  If Arar really cares about human rights and the way Canada treats people overseas, then he'd be standing with Mr. Sampson, and not just the avowed Al-Qaedan illegal combatant Omar Khadr.  But he isn't.

Arar also directly accuses the Canadian government of "subcontracting torture".  WTF?!  Does he have proof to offer us?  Let's see some proof.  No?  Then he's just a soft jihadist spewing incendiary propaganda against the Free World.

Funny how he never condemns Syria, the country he claims tortured him.  Funny, that.  Why blame Canada?  Did Canada torture him?  No.  He said it was Syria.  But he's not mad at Syria.  WTF?!  What an asshole!  Oh, wait... maybe Syria never tortured him.  Maybe he made it all up for the money, Big Media coverage and the potential soft-jihad propaganda value.

Funny how healthy and fit Arar looked right after a year of his alleged "torture".  Why is it that William Sampson was an entirely different person physically following his apparent torture in captivity, but Arar was as fit as a fiddle, looking none the worse for wear?  Something's fishy.  Why must we automatically believe Arar's claims but doubt Mr. Sampson's?

I'd also note that the article misspelled the Prime Minister's first name as "Steven" instead of the proper "Stephen".  This suggests a mind lacking attention to detail.  Which is common in Big Media minions.


Jen said...

Tortured? I don't think so. However if it is easy to get into canada by word of Torture, abuse, racial profiling, and so on. Hey,why not use them.

Isn't it strange that Chretien, paul martin bob rae etc have not gone to the states to hug Omar to show him that they care about him; they did to Brenda Martin. So what gives here. Also, I noticed that the Khadr family have not gone to the States either-I guess that they are in a 'no fly zone list just as Arar.

One thing for sure is that the opposition parties do not give rats ass about our troops, innocent people nor for our country.

Anonymous said...

This case is a travesty of justice and a mockery of the laws of war, which do not include a "war crime" consisting of the killing of a soldier on the other side, no matter what sort of armed group a person belongs to.

Only a sociopath, or a politician calculating what will make him look best to his supporters, would find any justification for the punishment of a 15 year old who fought in a war because of the decisions of his parents.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Only an extreme ideologue would say that being young makes being a murderer ok.

Besides, the Taliban weren't legal combatants, weren't wearing military uniforms, were posing as civilians, which in and of itself is a war crime. There was no legal war on their part. The only legal warriors are the Coalition, because they were sent by proper governments, wearing proper uniforms and executing proper orders.

If Khadr had been fighting in a proper, legal war as a proper, uniformed soldier, then he could be treated as such. But he's a criminal, a terrorist, and must be tried as such according to the evidence.

Besides, he's not fifteen anymore.

ImNoDhimmi said...

Let the USA deal with Khadr. We don't want him back in Canada! His whole family should be deported.

If I'd whined my way into $10million
like Arar, I'd be pretty happy too.