Friday, April 16, 2010

Harper Must Stand With Israel

Don't stop now, just because all the others are being a-holes.

Story here.

Mr. Harper, Jerusalem belongs to Israel.  She won it legally, fair and square in 1967 in a war which was thrust upon her by, amongst others, Jordan, the former owner who makes no claim to the area now.

It's a Big Lie that it belongs to "Palestine", because there is NO "Palestine", legally, and never has been... after all, "Palestine" is a figment of Yasser Arafat's delusional, Islamic-Supremacist/anti-Semitic imagination.  After all, if East Jerusalem belonged, as claimed in Islamic-Supremacist propaganda today, to "Palestine", then what was Jordan doing with it?  How come there was, before the Six-Days' War, no "Palestine" waging Intifadas against Jordan, demanding Jordan end their "occupation" of that "Palestinian" territory?  Hmm?  See what I mean?  It's all B.S.!  "Palestine" as a concept and myth was fabricated out of Yasser Arafat's propaganda after that war, and, to this day, the Big Media and others are guillible enough to believe this myth!

Therefore Israel has every business doing as she pleases, including building residential complexes for Jews, in Jerusalem, including the Eastern part.  Besides, banning Jewish people from having apartments in East Jerusalem violates their human rights and equality rights and only serves to highlight the "Palestinian Authority"'s (and others') hatred for Jews.

Mr. Harper, please do the right thing.  Please stand with Israel.

ht: Dallas B., via e-mail

And that Steve Paikin of TVO, I believe he's a smart feller.  Stood up to Warren Kinsella's bullying tactics a while back, and now he's standing up for Israel.  Good.

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