Saturday, April 10, 2010

Conservative PROVES Left's Racism

The Left accuses the Right of being "racist", but doesn't provide any evidence.

Well, evidence has come to light that Leftists have been uttering racism towards a black conservative.  He's got the hateful voicemails to prove it.  Audio at the link.  The Left never provided one shred of evidence that any Tea Party folks ever uttered any racial slur... not one shred.

So whom shall we believe, those who desperately tried (in that wholly-uneccessary walkthrough by Democrats right through the middle of a group of Tea Party folks, something they could've avoided by simply using underground tunnels as they normally do, but, for some reason, didn't that time, and were poised with cameras, hoping to capture something damning) to entrap evidence and failed miserably, or those who had the whole thing thrust upon them, wholly unwanted, and saved the evidence?
As Metzler explained to me, the Left engages in exactly the kind of disgusting, racist behavior which they unfairly and incorrectly accuse the Tea Party and all others who oppose Obama of engaging in. Unlike the Left, Metzler actually has the evidence to prove it. During his stunning interview, Metzler exposes the Left’s hypocrisy and dishonesty—and its very real racism.

Claims are to be dismissed in absence of evidence.  The Big Media doesn't dismiss the Left's unfounded claims.  But they'll cover THIS up, no doubt.

Folks on the Democrat side, being racist.  Unprecedented?  Not at all.  After all, it was the Democrats who fought in a civil war against the Republican President, Lincoln, who wanted to (and did) free the slaves; it was the Democrats who created the Klan as their terrorist wing and it was also the Democrats who were responsible for the segregation laws of the past.  Now these folks are, one moment, falsely accusing their political opponents of racism, and then the next moment, actually displaying it themselves!

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