Monday, April 19, 2010

Iggy Dictates To Lib MPs: Vote Against Scrapping Gun Registry

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, looking eerily like Bela Lugosi's Dracula character (seen below), warns his MPs to vote as he tells them to.  
Will they all?

Story here.

Michael Ignatieff is essentially giving the finger to a LOT of Canadian voters.

Funny how a Liberal wants to make the long-gun registry "work", when it was the Liberals who, in fact, brought it in in the first place, and did nothing at all to make it work.  They just brought it in and forgot about it, and it's cost billions of dollars and has proven worthless.

Stupid Iggy.  No one's going to be fooled.  Hell, he might as well promise to scrap, kill, abolish the GST!  That'd be about as believable!  Hell, why not promise transparency and accountability?  Like the Liberals promised in '93 but never delivered?  Ha!

Besides, criminals aren't going to register their weapons, are they?  Of course not.

Ignatieff and the Liberal Party... they don't know what they're doing.  They don't understand.  They're out of touch with the real world.  They're trying to shake Far Left votes away from the dumber-ass NDP and separatist-communist Bloc.  As if that'll help 'em win back power.  It's all about targeting certain voters, not about doing the right thing for Canada.

Besides, for all the propaganda about police liking and using the registry, where's any evidence that it actually saved any lives or solved any crimes?  I don't recall hearing of any such specific evidence.  Just because some police spokesmen say they (what, did they take a poll of all police officers, or is it just a political position dictated from the top to the media spokespeople?) like it, doesn't mean that it's actually working.  I say bring in laws so that actual criminals who use guns in the commission of crimes will be jailed for a really long time as opposed to being released in a hurry, a la political correctness, hug-a-thug "progressivism", etc., to go and do it again, which we know many have.

Punish the bad guys, not the law-abiding hunters and farmers and those living in rural areas who need a gun for self-defence and to fend off bears and mountain lions and so on.


Watcher said...

Should this surprise us. We know how much the Liberals love their boondoggles.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And their scams. And mysterious foundations.

Damn... when, oh, when will those be further exposed? All the closet Librano skeletons are waiting! It's time! Time to take out some big guns, 'cause the Libs are bombarding us with crap...