Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Financial-Irregularity Complaint Filed By Liberal Against Former-Astronaut Liberal MP

Expect the Big Media to be hush-hush-nothing-to-see-here-move-along-watch-JafferGate-instead about this.  Gotta protect their Liberal Party buddies and cronies.

An allegation.  A complaint.  You know, the Liberals and the Big Media have been treating the allegations against Jaffer and Guergis as if they're true.

So they can't complain if we treat the allegations against former Astronaut-turned-Liberal-MP Marc Garneau as if they're true, can they?  That'd be hypocritical.

Time to give 'em what they've been giving us!

GarneauGate!  GarneauGate!  GarneauGate!  Bad, bad, baaaaaad!

Sounds dirty to me.  Well, what do we expect from Libranos?


Jen said...

GarneauGate! will ever be under investigation or would it be the daring Daniel Sweeney?
Most likely, Daniel who will be branded; his life, fsmily etc will be scrutinized for making the mistake of speaking out against Garneau.

I notic that this article didn't appear on the GAZETTE, GLOBE or Toronto star and so on.

Thank you CS for bringing this story to our attention.
BTW, how many liberals repaid their loans?

Jen said...

CS, here's something to put up . this goes to show you the madness within that LPOC party provides:

Dosanjh's homeland barb a joke, he says
'Buy land in Alberta,' backers of Khalistan told

Ian Austin, Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh said he was just being "sarcastic" when he suggested on a radio talk show that Sikhs who want an independent Khalistan should "buy land in Alberta and make their own country."

Alberta skihs have provided Alberta with means of contribution to this province.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I don't recall reading anything about Liberals who repaid their loans.

They're long, long, looooong overdue, thanks to the Liberal-friendly/Tory-hostile Elections Canada always extending the deadlines for repayment. This'll happen forever until they're repaid, making a mockery of the law that says they've got to be repaid within a certain time frame.

Those guys make six figures a year and have incredible expense accounts so they don't have to shell out for air travel, meals, clothes, etc. Surely they could repay the loans faster, but they don't want to, and they aren't. Typical Liberals... trying to get away with something, even if they actually can obey the rules.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And, as I said, the Big Media's not touching this story. Nah. They'd rather focus on bashing the Tories over the unproven ALLEGATIONS against Jaffer/Guergis. Surely they can do both, but they aren't. No wonder people turn to the blogs!