Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rush Exposes Clinton's Propaganda Agenda

Story here.

...And I get blasted by the Left for telling it like it is, whilst Bill Clinton spews big lies, claiming that peaceful Americans are terrorists?


After all, hey, Bill Clinton himself pardoned the ultra-far-left-wing Weather Underground terrorists (y'know, the terrorist organization of extremist America-haters and convicted bombers Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, buddies of Obama)...

And don't forget the incredibly unhinged behavior of the entire Left during Bush's administration.  Remember how insane they were, how inciteful they were, how anti-government they were, supposedly because of the so-called "racist" wars in the Middle East?  Well, how come the Left isn't doing this anymore, even though the wars are still going on and innocent Arabs and Muslims are being killed (and probably tortured- funny how the Left isn't worried about possible torture under Obama's command!) on Obama's orders?  Why does Obama get off scot free for his "racist" wars?

Sheesh.  Oh, and Bill Clinton's a total jackass.  How dare he accuse Mainstream Americana of being a bunch of Tim McVeighs?  How'd Clinton like to be labelled another Bill Ayers?  Feckin' butthole!  Pull your pants up, you old poop!

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