Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obama Evades Media To Attend Nonexistent Soccer Game

Oh, sorry, can't take questions, 'cause I've got a...very important  thing.

Alas, the thing Obama mentioned... it was a LIE.

His daughter did NOT have a "soccer game".  Obama made it up!

Caught lying with his pants on fire on the ground.  He's no better than Willy Clintoon and Tigey Woody.

Oh, but it's ok for HIM to lie.  Because Obama's a Democrat.  Apparently it's all "nothing to see here" when a Democrat lies...  And we probably won't know he lied, if we depend on the Big Media (other than FOX News, of course).

It's ok for Obama to run away from the media, to avoid showing once again that he doesn't know what he's doing, what's going on, what he's talking about.  He runs away from inconvenient questions just like Al Gore the other day.

He's just a figurehead, a glorified teleprompter reader, doing the bidding of the wealthy, powerful men behind the curtain.

He's not a leader.  He's an ACTOR.


Balbulican said...

Scenty, usually I just stop by for a laugh with my coffee. But every once in a while you post something so dishonest that I wonder whether you have any actual principles at all.

Now try, just for once, to think this through like a grown up, okay?

You are claiming that the President invented a soccer game, told media about it and gave them the address, and then mysteriously snuck away and did...something else unspecified.

Your evidence for this is that an anti Obama blogger produces a school schedule that shows no soccer game at that time.

From this you deduce that the President is a liar.

Umm...Scenty? Did you you notice that that page doesn't show the schedule for ANY soccer games at all?

Hey! Maybe his daughter doesn't REALLY PLAY SOCCER! Maybe she's actually a Soviet Agent in the pay of George Soros sneaking out to a secret mosque!! Why NOT! He can't PROVE she isn't, can he? HUH???

Honest to God, dude - give your head a shake. Who helps you tie your shoes in the morning??

Canadian Sentinel said...

Meh. People can read the whole thing and judge for themselves.

And you're making me ROTFALMAO with your overreaction. I think you're starting to worry that people are going to see the content of Obama's character in greater and greater numbers and do a double take. And that Obama's approval numbers will continue to worsen and worsen, continuing a steady trend, furthering the growing lead of the negative ahead of the positive.

Poor proggy... I think you had too much coffee this AM. Try half-decaf/half regular or switch to decaf altogether. Take up smoking if you aren't already one. I suspect a pipe would suit your image. Perhaps one of those wine-flav'd cigarillos with a plastic tip... Mellow ya out.

No need to worry that the Obamacracy will begin failing come early November. Their failure, and Obama's subsequent dethroning two years later, will save America, unless they somehow succeed in getting her destroyed before then.

glasnost said...

I sincerely hope that Balbulican continues to "stop by for a laugh"; he rarely fails to deliver on that promise.

Canadian Sentinel said...

You're correct, Glasnost. True story: I read Balb's comment via my email, at work today, and actually LOL'd. Good thing the boss wasn't around! Really, Balb DID make me LOL!

"Hey! Maybe his daughter doesn't REALLY PLAY SOCCER! Maybe she's actually a Soviet Agent in the pay of George Soros sneaking out to a secret mosque!! Why NOT! He can't PROVE she isn't, can he? HUH???"

THAT was so funny! And the bit about having help tying my shoes. I actually enjoyed that comment...

It's also hilarious how HE tells me to "grow up". Dude's like, kinda advanced chronologically, and still thinks like he's still a teenager, albeit a very articulate one with great psychomanipulative skill.

Watcher said...

CS... Here is an interesting article from the Washington Post. Bammy was joking about ditching the press pool for a soccer game. Classy guy.

Canadian Sentinel said...

So much for openness and transparency... So much for that famous promise. What an aloof, arrogant President. Thinks he's a king who rules over Americans, rather than a servant of them. This arrogance will prove his undoing.

The guy makes Bush and Harper look like media-spotlight lovers.

Balbulican said...

Heh. Dude, if you don't care about accuracy, no sweat. I just enjoy calling you on your more egregious lies.