Sunday, April 25, 2010

University Expels Student Because Of Religious Beliefs

Was Julea Ward expelled because she's a devout Christian, or is it because she's a black woman who dares to be a devout Christian?  Is it just Christianophobia, or is it that, plus racism and sexism?

Are blacks and women, in the eyes of the "Progressive" Intelligentsiya, effectively forbidden to be Christian, as well as being forbidden to be conservative and Tea Party?  Hmm?

We know that the "Progressive" Intelligentsiya Elites have some pretty extreme, unfair, inequitable points of view and that they discriminate with impunity, believing that they're right and righteous because they tell one another so and they've been getting away with it for so many decades, double-thinkingly thumbing their noses at their countries' constitutions and bills of rights, treading upon the rights of those whom they hate, without consequences.

This bigotry and entitlism of the Intolerant "Progressive" Intelligentsiya must end.  Haul them to court as much as possible.  Make them sorry for their bigotry.  Inconvenience them.  Force them to shell out thousands and thousands for legal defence.  Expose them virally, shame them in the New News Media.

Story here.
"The arrogance, disdain, and intolerance with which Eastern Michigan academics treated Julea Ward should be punished and prevented from happening on any other campus, but unfortunately, it'll be Michigan taxpayers who are left holding the bag for the legal liability and possible financial damages that result from EMU's egregious violation of her civil rights," Glenn wrote in a statement.

"The Legislature should act to take taxpayers off the hook and make university employees who violate students' civil rights individually responsible for their own legal defense," Glenn said, "specifically by prohibiting the use of state tax dollars to pay attorney's fees and damages for employees found by a court of law to have violated such rights."
Perhaps fear of personal consequences for discriminating against, amongst other religious peoples, Christians, will make bigoted atheist left-wing extremists think twice about doing to Christians what they'd never dare do to, say, Muslims.  For sure they'd have accommodated a Muslim in this case.  Can you imagine the Islamic-community rage that'd result if leftists forced Muslims to argue in favor of homosexuality, which is against their faith?

Better yet, what if homosexual folks were told that they had to renounce their homosexuality in order to be allowed to finish their degree, which is only a few months away?  Of course, leftists and gay fascists will argue in favor of their convenient double standard here, because leftists believe that they're entitled to what they want and that others who disagree with what they want aren't entitled to their beliefs.  Leftists are bigots.  Leftists don't believe in equality or fairness.  It's either agree with them or "get out of here, forget about getting an education, etc., etc.".

It's also about Christianophobic hatred.  There is clearly a LOT of that, and it's being encouraged by subtle slurs and jokes and such, by leftists and by political correctness.  Yep, the leftists, they engage, often with subtlety and nuance, in what they'd hypocritically turn around and call "hate speech" if it were done by folks who had a different viewpoint.

Why is it that folks on the left say that they "don't want Christians imposing their views on us", but the same leftists aggressively impose theirs onto Christians?  How do they explain the hypocrisy and double standard?  Perhaps they hate Christians because they're a little different, and this difference makes leftists a little uncomfortable.  Nevertheless, leftists need sensitivity training so that they can come to understand that they are forbidden to discriminate against Christians and forbidden to force Christians to abandon their beliefs.

Besides, if it were to be allowed to blackmail Christians into abandoning their beliefs, then it would have to be, as per constitutionally-guaranteed equality, allowed to blackmail homosexuals, Muslims and "progressives" into abandoning theirs.  Think about that.  If you do it to a particular group, you should expect that it may be, in turn, done to you by that group, and if it is, then you have no right whatsoever to complain!  Yup, it's a "how would YOU like it if it were done to YOU" question!

Arrogant homo-fascists, Islamo-fascists, "progressive"-fascists, etc... they must be told plainly and firmly... DO NOT DISCRIMINATE... ACCOMMODATE!  OR PAY FOR YOUR OWN LEGAL DEFENSE!

In other words, if they're nice to us, we'll be nice to them.  Otherwise, well, there's always the justice system to which to turn for remedy...


Balbulican said...

As always, you've got it wrong.

She wasn't expelled because she was a Christian. She was expelled because she refused to provide counseling, a requirement of her program, to someone she disagreed with.

There are thousands of Christian counselors who provide service to others without regard to their religion or sexual orientation. If Ms. Ward had done so, she would not have been expelled.

Try, Scenty, try real hard to actually read the articles you post, and think about them a bit before you parrot such mindless trash.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'll just let folks read what I wrote, plus what's at the link, and what you wrote, and they can decide for themselves with whom they'll agree.

Of course, folks are also encouraged to point out what's wrong with Balbulican's spin.

Canadian Sentinel said...

"I told Dr. Callaway and restated in the informal hearing, that I would counsel individuals engaged in homosexual behavior regarding any issue unrelated to that behavior. The only thing I am unwilling to do is validate or affirm homosexual behavior, due to my religious beliefs," she told a school committee investigating her.

See, there was no refusal to counsel homosexuals. There was only refusal to counsel in a way that would violate her constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of religious belief.

"I guess what I am trying to figure is how someone with such strong religious beliefs would enter a profession that would cause you to go against those beliefs,"

Hmm. That university official is clearly suggesting that Christians need not apply to be counsellors, because of their beliefs, and that is discriminatory.

There are laws that require that people be accommodated, such as the disabled, women, GLBTs, Muslims, Francophones in Canada, etc... So, to deny accommodation for Christians, is to discriminate, and to hate them.

Would Balbulican blackmail Christians into abandoning their beliefs, anymore than he'd do so to homosexuals or Muslims?

Perhaps Balbulican, in order to be consistent, would agree that it's ok to require homosexuals to abandon homosexuality if they want to go to Church, to become scoutmasters, etc.? What's the difference? How about requiring Muslims to abandon their beliefs if they want to work at airports? Hmm? Of course, Balbulican will find a way to wiggle and weasel his way out of this tight place...

By the way, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights... neither mentions homosexual belief as being guaranteed nor protected. But it does mention religious belief. So how the hell is it that "progressives" favor sexuality belief over religious belief, unless they are ignoring the Constitution and Bill of Rights and deeming whatever they want, notwithstanding those sacred, sarcosanct documents?

Are "progressives" risking provoking civil war by ignoring the Constitution and violating others' rights? The danger is that if "progressives" succeed in denying others' rights and the others are unable for a very long time to gain remedy via legal means, well...

I hate to raise that specter, but, you know, when the Elites tyrannize the People hard and long enough, well, history tells the story of what happens in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I for one am curious to know if the university has given her any coursework to lend her expertise in the area of counseling homosexuals. My understanding is that the client sought homosexual relationship counseling. Well... Is she a homosexual counselor or not? I mean what the hell?

I will spare you dialogue based on the types of things that go on there. Use your imagination... it's not limited to Sheldon having rough hands.

She's a counselor, and that's not her bag. Do you expect your foot doctor to do brain surgery? Well then why does this woman have to provide homosexual relations counseling? It's appalling. Moreover why would you want her to?

...and Sheldon just bite the pillow a little harder and it will all be over soon.... Oh, I see that's all we have time for today...

What if that's the wrong thing to say? Do the homosexuals really want this woman's counseling? Do they want counseling from anyone in this program? Maybe this should upset them. It is obvious that this program at EMU requires that their counselors claim expertise in areas they are not expert in and have no qualifications for.
That's upsetting in general.

Poor woman did the right thing. They're pissed because she disagrees... and she's right. Progs hate that. So they will lose this in court. Best of all, is that you can see that they are bullies,have no ethics, and no sense of civic responsibility.
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