Friday, April 23, 2010

EKOS Pollster Graves Destroys Own Credibility, Tarnishes Company's Image

By spewing incendiary, ad-hominem propaganda designed to smear the Conservative Party as some kind of horrible thing.

I can see what he's doing.  He's a cunninglinguistic propagandist of the Far Left and the Liberal Party whilst ludicrously claiming that "his data supports" what he says.  And whilst claiming, laughably, to be "center-moderate".

His ad hominem attack really hurt the polling profession.

I don't think anyone ought to do business with this guy.  He's got no credibility now.

He claims that his data supports his contention that all sorts of weirdoes and extremists gravitate towards the Conservative Party.

Well, we've seen for ourselves by observing Liberals and Liberal supporters, in action and in speaking, that all sorts of weirdoes and extremists are firmly entrenched within the Liberal Party.  No doubt about it.  Why didn't Graves do a poll to find out, for example, how many Liberals are anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Israel, compared to Conservatives?  I suspect that if he did, he'd destroy the findings for fear that someone might find out that the Liberal Party is, as we well know, full of crazy hateful dangerous wackos.

Plus... how do we know that Graves didn't make the alleged data up?  Hey, if the University of East Anglia, of ClimateGate infamy, could make up stuff, fudge data to get the result they wanted, then so could Frank Graves of EKOS.  How do we know that their "science is sound"?  We don't.  We're just expected to take this ultra-partisan, demagogic, ad-hominemizing cunninglinguist at his word?  Hey!  But he's... a... LIBERAL, and we know beyond all doubt that LIBERALS LIE!

Besides, hey, where's the alleged data?  I bet it's all manipulative-question push-polling and open to gross, irrational, illogical, nonsensical "progressive" interpretation.  Like, you know how Liberals say that anyone who disagrees with Obama is "racist"?  Well, Liberals will slap the label "racist" on ANYTHING they want, so as to suit their purposes, and, from there, spew their big lies and propaganda to cheat their way around in the marketplace of public ideas.

I dismiss Frank Graves's claims, his alleged "data", just as I dismiss the now-debunked "global-warming" data of the IPCC. 

I wouldn't go to him if I needed statistical research done for ANYTHING.

Because it's impossible not to doubt the guy's integrity now.

I betcha Frank Graves believes in global warming and all that crap.  He's the kind of guy who'd go around telling us the sky is falling.


Anonymous said...

I used to wonder how the Conservatives were just a little bit ahead of the Libs when it is clear Canada has taken a sharp RIGHT turn. The numbers were cooked.

Anonymous said...

After the parliamentary committee is done with Jaffer, I wonder if they could summon Frank Graves of EKOS Research, for examination of his conduct and his relationship, with the CBC and the Liberal party, before the RCMP are asked to launch an investigation, on behalf of Canadian taxpayers. I expect the CBC ombudsman, ethics commissioner and the Auditor General should also be summoned to investigate apparent conflict and possible fraud involving taxpayer funds.
In view of recent statements and revelations, once Canadians learn that Graves' firm is paid by the CBC (funded by the Canadian taxpayer) and that Graves has contributed $11,042.72 to the Liberal Party, and contributed to the leadership campaigns of Ignatieff and Bob Rae and has been the recipient of 61 million dollars of government (taxpayer monies) contracts from the Liberals in return, Canadians will seek and demand some answers.
Canadian taxpayers are much too astute, to be duped by Graves' clumsy and inept attempt, to claim he also contributed to the Conservatives, when on a cursory examination we find that contribution was a paltry 449 dollars to a Conservative candidate. This calculated deceitful ploy may have allowed him to publicly state that he contributed to both political parties ( hoping details would not be divulged) but it did not stand up as being candid and scrupulous, on close detailed inspection.
Recent reports in the media of his actions, and his own statements in interviews, has opened this can of worms, so appropriate players must now deal with it, since millions of taxpayer's dollars are involved, and these are not allegations and innuendo but are a matter of fact.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hmm. Indeed!