Saturday, April 10, 2010

CNN Floating In The Ratings Toilet. What Happened?

Apparently here's a bunch of things that probably together helped cause CNN's ignominious fall from false glory.

It appears that the CNN may have come to realize the error of their ways 

Or perhaps they're trying to seduce people back by pretending to be on their side?  Impossible to say by just doing one piece in which they're, for a change, nice and polite to the Tea Party folks.  After all, politicians act nice, too, but then turn back into their real selves when peoples' attention has turned back elsewhere.  Perhaps the CNN is doing that, too.  People can watch over the next several months to see whether CNN really has had a change of heart and mind.  I personally doubt it.  Just watch them remain biased in favor of the Democrats and against the Republicans and Tea Party folks.  I just don't see them changing their deeply-ingrained leftist-lemming mentality and insidiously-"progressive" culture, even if staying the way they are means their continuing decline.  After all, liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder.


Jen said...

CNN and others like them bare the major responsibility for the outcome and they and they alone will go down for the creation of hate, animosity amongst the people and for the daily attacks on Sarah Palin and 'Tea Party.

May you all live in toilets.

Canadian Sentinel said...

There's hope: According to a recent poll I read about, only a minority, about 35%, have an unfavorable opinion of Sarah Palin. A similar proportion "don't know enough facts" about her to have any opinion. So far, at least 25-30% have a positive opinion. The task is to get the undecided people to know her, and that won't be through the Big Media, obviously.