Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wacko Lefty Spotlight: ACORN'S Bertha Lewis

Bertha Lewis, former head of ACORN

Story here.

Sheesh.  Calling Mainstream Americana (the Tea Party) a "bowel movement"!

Classy lady, eh!

Again, another Leftist accusing Mainstream Americana (the Tea Party) of "racism".  Hey, Bertha, did you know that your party, the Democratic Party, is the party of slavery, the Klan and the Crow segregation laws?  Did you?

And what evidence do you have to back up your smear of the Tea Party?  Let's see some.  It's no good to just go around calling people you disagree with "racist", just because you want to believe that they might be, and because it'll hurt them in the eyes of the voters.  Only assholes do that.

Methinks Bertha Lewis is full of bowel movement.

Besides, under her leadership, all kinds of bowel movements broke loose.  Consequently...

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