Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's All In A Book Now: The Manchurian President

Coming in May.  Order here.
Tens of millions of Americans sense there is something very wrong with the president of the United States, but they don't know exactly what. "The Manchurian President" answers that question. In writing this exhaustively researched book—which is thoroughly documented with over 800 endnotes—Aaron Klein, with Brenda J. Elliot, definitively exposes just how dangerous Barack Obama really is as America's president and commander in chief. Among the book's chilling findings:

  • Obama's deep ties to an anti-American fringe nexus instrumental in building his political career, some members of which are helping draft White House policy

  • Obama's extensive connections to ACORN and its union affiliate, including much new information not previously documented elsewhere

  • Extremists exposed in the White House, including top czars and communist-linked Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod

  • Obama's healthcare policy pushed and crafted by extremists

  • Obama’s deep association with the Nation of Islam

  • Obama's ties to terrorist Bill Ayers much more extensive than ever previously disclosed


    Balbulican said...

    Two guarantees of fine journalistic quality:
    - published by WND, one of the last Birther propaganda media left (and also published claims that Obama might be the Antichrist)
    - written by Aaron Klein, who tried to infect Wikipedia with his birther nonsense, and was caught.

    So this is what you read, Scenty? Heh.

    Canadian Sentinel said...

    I'm bloody impressed that you're able to judge a book without reading it. Like, wow!

    Balbulican said...

    Heh. Like you provided an in-depth dismissal of the Kelowna Accord without ever reading it "because you don't like long documents"?

    When a so called "journalist" is proven to be a liar and a fraud, and admits it, then no, I don't feel obliged to read his books. And of course, you won't either.

    Canadian Sentinel said...

    Like how the US politicians who voted for Obamacare didn't read the bill?

    Like how Obama very obviously didn't read the Constitution?

    No one needed to read Kelowna. It was about five billion dollars to be simply handed over to unaccountable politicians based on their ancestral status. The money would've just been wasted on these politicians, mostly. Politicians are politicians, after all... they're all the same, no matter who their ancestors were. So, no, I didn't have to read it, any more than you have to read the book in question. Besides, did I mention it was five billion dollars? And it wasn't justified by those who were selling the bill? They were just all "this is a good bill, we should pass this... period".

    What was so good about Kelowna, anyway? What, exactly, would guarantee that the money wouldn't be wasted mostly on luxuries for the politicians themselves? Nevertheless, does anyone trust the Liberals to ensure that any accountability mechanisms in place would be followed scrupulously? Nah! They'd never have required cent-by-cent accounting of the money, with invoices and receipts and everything, to be audited by folks like those in the CRA or Auditor General's Office... oh, no... that'd have been "raaaaacist", after all!

    Canadian Sentinel said...

    And quit calling me a "liar" and a "fraud" just because you've deluded yourself into believing it. You only call me a liar 'cause I'm not a "progressive". And when non-"progressives" point out things inconvenient to the "progressive" agenda, they always get smeared as "liars" and worse.