Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Savagely Violent Left-Wing Hate Crime Against Conservatives

If it was two gay folks leaving a gay bar, you can rest assured that the gay community would be screaming "hate crime!!!" and demanding draconian legislation and measures to combat homophobia.  And the Left in general and the Big Media would concur.  AutomaticallyWithout evidence of whether or not the beating was actually due to the homosexuality of the victims.  And without even knowing who was responsible, without even knowing whether the attackers were even straight and not gay themselves.  All it takes is for a beating to occur and they'll automatically declare it a homophobic hate crime, right?  Well...

But in THIS case, you won't hear about the savage beating of these two people.  Because it's politically correct to hate (and apparently even almost murder!) Republicans and conservatives in general.

Allee Bautsch suffered a broken leg and her boyfriend suffered a concussion and fractured nose and jaw.
I hope the color of the victims' skin and their sexual orientation doesn't make it ok in the eyes of the Left, what happened to them.  Oh, wait... ALL conservatives are scum and fair game for beatings in the eyes of the Left, whatever their race and how they have sex.
They could've been killed!  Do Leftists even give a shit?  Are most Leftists bad people to not become anti-violence activists to ensure the safety of ideological dissidents?

Note that the victims, whose bones were broken in the extremely vicious, obviously extraordinarily hateful attack, were wearing Sarah Palin pins (UPDATE:  It seems that perhaps the pins were a rumor, but the rest, as far as I know now, still remains factual), were leaving a known Republican event, and there had been massive crowds of unhinged Far-Left protestors all over the area all day long.  Hmm.

See the haters in the video?  See how lunatically hateful and potentially violent they look?  Do they look representative of Mainstream Americana, as does the Tea Party movement?  Note the gratuitous use of the word "fuck" on many of their signs.  How lovely and polite.  Boyoboy... talk about brainlessness.

Read the whole thing.  Take in all the evidence surrounding the shockingly inhuman savagery.  

And consider that there's already been plenty of violence coming from the Left, directed towards ANYONE who disagrees with the Obamacrat Tyrants' policies and agenda.

Did anyone see anything much at all about this on CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS... or even FOX News?  (I don't get FOX right now, so I can't tell).

Were these people savagely beaten because they're conservatives?

Shouldn't conservatives be a protected group?  Shouldn't there be a "hate crime" provision in the law so that judges can boost the sentences for leftists who attack conservatives?

Maybe conservatives shouldn't go anywhere without a gun in America.  That's right, folks... I recommend that conservatives not go anywhere in small groups unless at least one of them is armed.  It's really gotten to the point where this is critically necessary.  America is not safe for anyone who doesn't openly submit to Obama and the Democrats' agenda.

In Canada, at least it's not yet at the point where conservatives will have to carry baseball bats or hockey sticks as protection (we're forbidden to protect our lives, from insane far-leftwing savages, with guns... how crazy is that?).

If we allow leftists to go around beating conservatives, well, this will prove to be a very dangerous situation.  It's escalating at an alarming rate.  There's reports that far-left organizations are hiring more extremists.  For what purpose, who knows?  Probably going to issue spiffy uniforms, perhaps with shiny, knee-high jackboots.

Fecking Far-Left Brownshirts.

And they dare lecture us on "inciting hatred and violence"?  Bullshit.  They're the violent haters, not us!  We're peaceful!  We know it!

We will not be intimidated.

And, if physically attacked, don't be afraid to fight back in self-defence, because it's your human right to do so!  Shocking thing to say?  Well, do you see any police in the video?  What if the Leftists attacked you, and there wasn't any police to protect you?  Then you have a human right to have a gun to scare the hell out of your attackers, who most likely will back off at the first warning shot pointed at the sky.  The alternative is to be beaten, perhaps to death, by the mob.

Clearly, Obama is fine with it all.  He's not saying, "Don't hate conservatives, and don't attack them."  After all, he knows that he benefits whenever his people beat up his political opponents.  This is why he practices projection on behalf of his people, his brownshirt thugs, why he accuses conservatives of being the haters and violent people.  And notice that the Big Media doesn't tell us when conservatives get beaten.  They'd rather report leftist accusations about alleged threats and violence coming from conservatives.

Sheesh.  Anyone can see the pattern if they watch closely.  Of course, you need to know where to get the news, like online and sometimes on FOX News.  Nowhere else.

Sheesh.  It's 1938 in America.  The government's thugs, massive and growing in number, are all over the place, attacking the political opponents of the government.

Next thing you know, Obama will declare himself President for Life, to Hell with the Constitution.  Hell, he's already President, to hell with the Constitution (his people don't care about the Eligibility Clause and are lying for him, saying he's American-born, even though people who use their brains can see that there's no valid evidence of this!).

And then...  who knows what's next?   What about all those "campuses" reportedly being constructed across America?  What about the "mandatory service to the state" being planned?  If one refuses to obey and get with the program, then what happens?  Will one get thrown, dead and emaciated, into a mass grave, or turned to ash in an oven?

How far with the tyrannical Obamacrat Reich go to impose its destructively revolutionary neo-communist, national-socialist, fascist agenda?

Oh, and by the way, yes, apparently, I can play hardball in communications.  Like, if the Left is going to call conservatives horribly violent haters, then I'll call the Left the same.  They bring it upon themselves, after all, with their words and actions, with the content of their character.  Bunch of idiots.  They need discipline.  They need jobs.  They need brains.


Balbulican said...

"Note that the victims, whose bones were broken in the extremely vicious, obviously extraordinarily hateful attack, were wearing Sarah Palin pins, were leaving a known Republican event, and there had been massive crowds of unhinged Far-Left protestors all over the area all day long."

Wow, Scenty, you really are on a streak today, aren't you?

Michelle Malkin, the Governor's Office and the Times Picayune have confirmed that the victims were not wearing Sarah Palin pins. The police, the Governor and Ms. Malkin have all stated that there is no evidence to suggest that this attack is political.

Stop being a liar and hatemonger for once, if you can.

glasnost said...

This is an impressive lesson from Balbulican on reportage and nuance. An elegant put-down without resorting to even one direct quote or corroborating link.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Heh. I thought so, too, Glasnost. The Baldude is a tad nervous and unhinged in the face of increasing-in-frequency-of-occurence, overwhelmingly negative optics vis-a-vis his own people, his fellow progs.

The Baldude seems as if he perceives his perfect Obamautopian world coming apart at the schemes already, sooooo soon... Didn't see it comin', I betcha!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Also ironic that he doesn't call his own people "hatemongers", even though they sure sound like they are.

Me, I'm just doing some counter-psychops in the war against Liberal Tyranny.

LandShark 5150 said...

As I heard it said once - "if we (the right) were the evil gun-toting, bible-thumping, racist fear-mongers the left say we are -- they would all be dead."

Canadian Sentinel said...

That's a pretty good point.

The Left knows y'all aren't, so that's why they attack y'all.

Perhaps if y'all actually did bring your legal handguns and advertise that fact, particularly when you're in small groups, then they'd think twice about attacking.

Also good to have cameras at the ready to capture their unprovoked aggression, a la the wholly-unnecessary CBC walkthru in front of the Capitol with theirs poised to catch... nothing (didn't stop them from making up unsubstantiated accusations against Tea Partiers).

Next problem: Infiltration by the Enemy. The Tea Partiers aren't the nasty bunch the Left says, so the Left is going to crash 'em and pretend to be the baddies they wish y'all were, making sure that the Big Media is there to catch their little act. I predict they'll be caught and their little jihad will backfire.

Balbulican said...

Well, Glasnost - unlike Scenty and (apparently) you, I check sources. There's this new thing called Google.

Try it.

Anonymous said...

Actually CS - many many hours after this news broke and you reported on it, Malkin and HotAir (I hope you know that Malkin owns HotAir or is part owner) came out to say that the 2 who were beaten up were not wearing Palin pins, however, the description of the attackers that was given to the police was a lot like some protestors who had been seen earlier in the vicinity.

We will have to wait and see on this.
New Orleans is not a friendly city, especially after dark.

Audrey II said...

Still waiting. The funny thing about going off half-cocked is that for every time that you just happen to hit the target, there's a whole lot of misses.

Are you going to retract your still unsubstantiated claim, or are you just going to leave it sitting on the wall in hopes that it will happen to find a post-facto hit?