Sunday, May 16, 2010

NORAD F-16s Intercept Encroaching Ultralight From Mexico

NORAD and USNORTHERN Command (Via FaceBook)  reports that a couple of F-16s intercepted an ultralight plane along the Arizona border after it crossed it.  After a half hour the ultralight pilot finally smartened up and returned to Mexico.

Geez... them brazen Mexicans... they think they have a "right" to enter the United States as if they were American citizens.  Now they think they can just fly right on in...  Yeah, right.

And I'm pleased to see that Arizona (via NORAD, anyway) is doing the job the Obamacracy refuses to do.

This comes not long after a couple of Canadian CF-18s from NORAD intercepted and escorted airliner to the Vancouver airport following a communicated bomb threat originating from the ground, though nothing was reportedly turned up via investigation of the plane or baggage.  Imagine the looks on the faces of the window-seat passengers who saw them flying close alongside...

Better safe than sorry.  After all, 9/11 taught us that lesson.

Whoever called in the bomb threat may have been testing our defences.  Or perhaps it was a really sick individual who deserves nothing less than a prison cell or a date with Elena Kagan as punishment.  Oh, wait... never mind about Kagan- she'd just looooove the guy who issued the bomb threat, as she looooooves all terrorists, as we see from her record...

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