Monday, May 31, 2010

Something To Think About

 What Obama really means when he addresses us:  
"Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain.  Listen only to me..."

Ever wonder whether the economic downturn (that, interestingly, all of a sudden, just instantly happened in the middle of the federal elections in Canada and America) was actually by deliberate design by unscrupulous, greedy, powerful players behind the scenes?

Daniel Estulin, author of the hot-selling book,  "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group," has even been invited to present an unprecedented speech before the European Parliament in Brussels June 1 on the subject of the secretive cabal.

"In Spain, Bilderberg is the 'it' topic," Estulin told WND. "The attention this is getting in the European mainstream press is equivalent to the New York Times or Wall Street Journal publishing extensively on it."

The attention, Estulin said, has come as his predictions on the cost of oil and other economic factors – based on investigative reporting into the Bilderbergers – have proved more accurate than other economic models in Europe's financial meltdown.

"Economists cannot explain it without acknowledging the shadow masters working to manipulate economies," Estulin said. "There is a general awakening taking place in people and the national press. This is no longer the domain of conspiracy theorists. Especially in Europe, we're seeing enough cracks to have hope that this dam will break and more and more people will demand to know what the Bilderberg Group has been doing." 

Hmm.  Might as well get Googling for Spanish news websites in English (and in Spanish, if one's familiar with that language)...  After all, plenty of stuff gets reported in foreign media which the North American media refuses to touch... for some reason... wonder if the Bilderbergs have anything to do with the media in N.A. and what spews forth from its mouth, and what doesn't?

There's nothing wrong with wondering and asking questions.  And investigating, following up on one's questions to get answers the hard way, rather than waiting for it all to be reported on "the news", something that probably won't happen anyway.  Yes, there are those who poo-poo the idea of being pensive, curious, questioning, inquisitive, investigative, etc... there are even those who will deride such healthy activity as the antics of the insane, of "conspiracy theorists", "birthers", "racists"... oh, wait... that's the Obama Eligibility thingy, which, of course, is a thingy which powerful people don't want us asking about, let alone investigating on our own...

...but the bottom line is that if we don't bother to wonder, to ask questions, to look into things, and just lazily wait to "be told what's what", well, that's stupid... and dangerous.  I mean, you know, Winston Churchill raised concerns about Hitler, the Nazis and their agenda, but hardly anyone took him seriously, including the German People.  What if enough people everywhere had openly pondered, questioned, investigated.... with respect to that evil entity, and discovered the frightening plans, before they could be implemented?  What if it had been uncovered, and a halt was put to it?  Would we have averted the Holocaust and WWII?  Imagine... if only more and more people had the courage to think, wonder, stand up and ask, and encourage others to do the same...

Why should we remain stuck on stupid and let nasty, wealthy, powerful and evil people behind the curtain decide our future on our behalf?  There is nothing crazy about asking questions about one's world.  There is nothing crazy about looking into what's actually going on out there and not relying on the worthless, incompetent, uncaring Big Old Corporate Media, which has, quite obviously, come under the influence of the same folks of whom we speak, ie. those who own the media outlets and get to set the communications agenda therefor, deeming, according to nothing but their own preferences and agenda, and those of their special secretive group, what shall and what shall not be promulgated as "news" and what the spin shall be.

The governments we elect, are they really in charge?  Or are there others who somehow influence, at least indirectly, the way they govern?  Of course stuff goes on "behind the scenes" which we don't know about, because we're not supposed to, and because, of course, the Big Media isn't going to tell us about, unless its puppetmasters tell them to.  Hmm.  Which brings me to observe that there's been a LOT of negative, daily reportage with respect to the Conservative government of Canada.  Every day, we see something, perhaps little, irrelevant, insignificant, being reported, that's inconvenient to the Conservative government.  It's as if massive resources are being employed to dig up anything and everything possible that's negative to be used to bash the Tories in "the news" and give the Opposition a new bucket of doody to chuck in Question Period.  I mean, WTF?!  It's surreal.  It really does seem that the Big Media is waging an anti-Conservative-government propaganda war lately.  They're digging up everything they can find via access to information requests and babbling about it in their reports.  Funny how they didn't do that for the Liberals, how they don't do that to the Obamacrats.  Funny how they did it to Bush and how they do it to Harper.  Hmm.

"To these powerful people, national resources are theirs, not everyone's," Estulin told WND. "All these people want an empire. They don't want the people of the world to develop, to prosper, to grow the population. They want us to work for them, where our children and our children's children work for an elite group, the oligarchy.

"If people participate in the ideas shaping the world, if a nation is allowed to grow its own food, develop its own natural resources, be truly self-governing, it would end the Bilderbergers' oligarchy," Estulin said. 

Ok, fine... call me nuts.  But I'll be in good company.  Along with the likes of Christopher Columbus, Frederick Banting, Winston Churchill...  All dismissed by the Elites of whom we speak, but all of whom were right, and all of whom had the courage to think for themselves, ask questions that needed asking, and speak out publicly...  Clearly, there are people who don't want us to do that, so they make their propaganda machine make fun of us, demonize us, defame us, smear us.... as "cranks", "loonies", "conspiracy theorists", "wingnuts", "nutters", "racists", "birthers", "right-wing extremists", all that crap.

Well, screw them.  We're gonna think for ourselves, look into stuff, find evidence to put together and share, and discuss amongst ourselves, and report...  THEY don't want us to do that.  They want us to sit down, shut up, turn off our brains, do as we're told, etc... so they can get what they want.

Remember, it's not nuts to think for oneself, to gather solid evidence, to analyze the evidence logically and rationally, to share one's findings... not nuts at all.  Perfectly normal.  But we're told to think otherwise by those who fear exposure and potential personal consequences stemming from their selfish, destructive actions.

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