Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is Bill Maher Racist?

The left-wingnut Bill Maher

So Bill Maher's saying that Obama's not a "real black president".

Maher claims that a "real black" would lift up his shirt and show off a gun in his pants, to deal with the BP oil spill.  And would be profane.

(Oh, wait... at least Obama did say "damn" and did refer to plugging a hole.  How's that for profane and vulgar?  As for lifting up his shirt and all that, well, there's no reports of that happening.)

Like the stereotypes we see in the movies.

What's the matter with Bill Maher, babbling about the color of peoples' skin and stereotypes?

Is Bill Maher Racist?  Why is he talking about race and stereotypes, and not about something that matters?  What kind of idiot is he?

Or will he get away with this nonsense because he's a... leftist?  You KNOW that if he was a Republican, then the left would be using this to bash him mercilessly, calling him a "racist".  But not a fellow leftist.  After all, racism is sooooo common amongst leftists...

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