Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Obamacrats Release Top-Secret Info Re Nukes


Oh, well, then, hey, Barry-O... if you can release that information, then surely you can release your real birth certificate so that we can see whether you actually were born on American soil or not, so that we will then know whether you're adhering to the Constitution's Eligibility Clause requiring that the President be born on American soil to two American citizens.

You released top-secret national-security-related information to the whole world.

So does this mean that your birth certificate is now the most-top-secret document in America?

They say, "Why should he release his birth certificate?".

I say, "Why should he have released the top-secret nuke info?"


Jen said...

there you have it; the next will be "handing over the USA to the UN."

Birth Certificate? If Obama is not going to show it to you then why should the american people show theirs when applying to the government for a job or for that matter for 'presidency'

The next president could be a mass leader of a terrorist organization and be appointed. No one will know because this person will make sure that the same media who refuse to question Obama in the first place can not question the next president.

Canadian Sentinel said...

If the peasants don't show their b.c., then they don't get what they want. Obama? He gets to screw up the country without showing his. It's hardly fair, eh!

Of course, the Big Media is owned by a few rich folks who get to decide what they'll tell us. Unfortunately, it appears that, in Canada, Shaw will be the new owner of Canwest Global. Not so sure as to the agenda of Shaw.