Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nice Try, Barney, But You FAIL

 Barney Frank (D).  Big, giant poophead.

Duh.  One doesn't need to have been born in America to be a Congressman.  One does, however, in order to be President.  Which reminds me, by the way, Obama never proved validly that he was born in America.  He refuses to allow anyone to see his real birth certificate, trying to claim that a derivative document his camp uttered online is somehow his "birth certificate", which it is NOT, and is, anyway, a document that was issued for babies born anywhere in the world, actually.  The plain fact is that Obama hasn't proven that he was born in America to two American citizens (the latter is actually known to not be the case, but the former isn't, one way or the other).

Yet Barney Frank thought it'd be smart to ask for the birth certificate anyway in this case, to make a point.

How lame.  Major FAIL! 

What a teabagger.

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