Thursday, May 27, 2010

1948 Cartoon Prophesies The Obamacracy

...First, a reminder of what made America grow and become great.  Then, a warning of the evils of "progressivism"/socialism/communism/statism...  Too bad not enough American voters paid attention in 2008...


∞ ≠ ø said...

Fascinating. This cartoon was later followed in 1952 by an Academy Nominated Documentary titled "The Hoaxters." TCM now owns the film and I have had the good fortune to see it. What is amazing is that this cartoon came first and the movie runs along a similar metaphor. It is a short film, maybe 30 minutes long. It documents the communist movement in America and does a neat job of pointing out Chicago as the hub of the anti American Communist movement. This toon was great.
"The Hoaxters" should be shown daily until the prog hoard is once again silenced by pro American thunder.

Canadians who don't follow politics will be shocked by the film. They would get a perspective on Obama that would frighten them, perhaps even to the point of conservativism.

Jen said...

Thank you CS for bringing this up,

As we see, OBAMA is doing just that in a more sly evil way.

Glenn Beck was talking about the same thing yesterday equating OBAMA to WOODFORD WILSON-(I think he is the one as memory serves)-
but I fear that OBAMA is worse. The worst is his administration which is made up of bandits, thugs, communists, socialists even terrorists. the media execpt the FOX, is bought brainwashed.
It is very scary.

In Canada, the media and the opposition parties are following OBAMA's footsteps.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Many more will see this cartoon at SDA tomorrow.

Jen said...

This video on the 'destruction of democracy and rise to socialism tried many years ago is now been fullfill by OBAMA in a very sly way.

Like always, the MSM will pay a heavy price for what they help Obama to create knowing the 'history' behind it.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Funny. Sometimes I get the impression that Jen doesn't like the media.

(Attempt to insert a more dramatic understatement here.)

Well.... I got my first Email from the Right Network today. If you're not on their list Jen, here's what they sent:

I'm gonna hit the (----) out of this site until this is on top when you Google "right".

Canadian Sentinel said...

You can "hit" the shee-it out of my site, too, if you want... ;)

Jen said...

Sorry CS, for causing a problem when I mention the 'media'

On another note away from this topic which I find very crucial for all to hear, my husband mentioned to me that he read somewhere in the National Post that Ignatieff told his caucus not to put their expenses out there for us to see. Yet he demands that others do so. Not a word from you know where. Now what exactly are the liberals hiding.

Canadian Sentinel said...

No, no, Jen- no problem at all. The other commentor wasn't complaining. He's no fan of the media either.

Heard about Iggy's hypocrisy. The People are talking about that on Facebook and other new media.

It's just another Liberal leader being self-contradictory, hypocritcal and arrogantly double-standard-practicing.

Looking forward to when the Right Network starts... on cable as well as online. Gonna big BIG. Maybe they'll eventually do news, too...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Also, the other commentor, when saying "hit", was referring to mentioning it on all kinds of sites, such as FB, Digg, Reddit, MySpace, etc., etc... It helps to spread the word about stuff.

Myself, I use an "add" add-on for Firefox that allows me to forward a page to Facebook and whatever else is out there, to help spread the word via the New Media.

Jen said...

Thank you for explaining-for some reason or another my wires got cross(misunderstood)

Anyway, guess what CS, in today's NP,May 29, pg A7, there is a full blown ad on


You might enjoy this page very much.

Canadian Sentinel said...

It's easy to misunderstand, when language is more nuanced and cliched and humorous (it was an understatement, and the commentor agrees with you). Also when sarcasm and irony are implied, it's easy to miss it, and we all do sometimes. Guess it's something one gets better at, with practice.

Anyway, that commentor is on our side.

Re the NP, unfortunately, they no longer distribute to the Atlantic Region. Gotta admit I was very disappointed- all there's left is the Liberal-owned Telegraph Journal and the G&M in my city, plus a bunch of others at a few better newsstands (oh, wait- that newsstand isn't there anymore... crap!).

What's the gist of the B'Nai Brith ad? Dunno if I can find it online... Maybe you can copy the ad and email it to me?

thecanadiansentinel AT

Jen said...

What happen? could it be that the NP was waking up the people which the left wing media 'feared' greatly. It is really unfortunate.

About the B'NAI BRITH CANADA I will try my best to send it. the reason why I couldn't earlier is because I am on son's laptop but will try to send it the article tomorrow.

Here is just a piece from the ad as written:

the voice of the grassroots Jewry in this country, wishes to express its thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for inviting
Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Natanyahou, to visit Canada.

CS, Here is another article from the NP:

Harper makes Aga Khan honorary Canadian citizen
Only Fifth Granted; Cultural centre and museum set to open in Toronto in 2013

Adam McDowell and Drew Halfnight, National Post
Published: Saturday, May 29, 2010

Read more:

Canadian Sentinel said...

It was a matter of cost-cutting. The business case for distributing the paper here was, I suppose, weak. They had to cut their losses given the dire financial straits. But we still get it online!

Good on PM Harper for inviting Bibi. Of course, the Progs will be community-organized to smear Mr. N., like they always do, like they did at Kristallnacht at Concordia.

When Bibi went to the US, Obama treated him badly. They "dined" on fast food. Obama also treated the Dalai Lama badly. You won't catch Obama bowing before good people!