Monday, May 10, 2010

An Unfair Poll



That's the result of Big Media propaganda.  No proof of anything, yet somehow the Big Media has gotten a lot of folks believing things for which there's no evidence to believe one way or another.

Congrats, Big Media.  You manipulated the Public Perception again.  Impressive.

The poll, however, is missing one critically important question.

It didn't ask Canadians about the Liberals' responsibility and foreknowledge in the whole thing.

After all, it was the Liberals' idea to transfer the detainees to Afghan custody in the first place... a political/politically-correct decision.  The Liberals didn't want to be responsible for the detainees, didn't want the optics weighing on them for imprisoning Muslims in a Muslim land, etc.  So they passed the buck.

I'd also ask Canadians whether they believe that the Liberals realized the possibility of torture being meted out onto the detainees after handover to the Afghan authorities.

What a crappy, unfair and unbalanced poll.

It's unfair because the Conservatives are being blamed for a Liberal decision!

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Jen said...

Look at how the media chastised Christine Blatchford for writing an article on the troops and detainees.

The media's adoration for the liberals, ndp bloc, hamas, hezbollah tamil ltte tigers, taliban, etc, is far greater than for our troops, canadian public, canada.

If we sent emails to foreign media right now and told them that the canadian socialist media are doing everything in the power to destroy our country for the return of liberal socialist coalition parties, those media reporters would think that our media is 'MAD.